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Five Star Goal Setting

Five STAR Goal Setting

Five STAR Goal Setting

Goal setting is the first step to greater success, because "success" means,

The achievement of a worthwhile GOAL.

Goals must have STAR qualities.

The STAR qualities of effective goals are:

  1. Specific, (Not vague).
  2. Time limited.
  3. Abilities.
  4. Resources.

Goal Setting : Five STAR Goal Setting

STAR quality; Specific.

Your goals must be specific, not vague.

If you say that your goal is to be "happy and successful", that sounds good, but what is wrong with it?

It is too vague.

Similarly, if you say your goal is to be "in better shape" then that sounds good, but what is wrong with it?

It is too vague.

Your brain cannot hit a target it cannot see. And in order to "see" the target, you must specify exactly what it means.

You can specify a goal in three ways:

  1. With a full verbal description.
  2. With numbers.
  3. With a diagram or picture.

For instance, if you wrote the goal that you wanted to be wealthy, how would you describe that to yourself, in words, with numbers and with pictures?

STAR quality: Time limited.

Impose a time limit on the goal.

Without a time limit many people will procrastinate.

A time limit imposes a sense of urgency; it lends more motivation to the achievement of the goal.

For example, if you want to look good for a wedding, then the fact that the exact date is known, imparts a sense of urgency to your efforts, and you are less likely to procrastinate.

Star quality: (Abilities).

The goal should at least in theory, be achievable.

Achievable means that you must have the potential ability to achieve the goal.

Everyone is limited by their genetic potential. If you are 5' 3" tall you are NEVER going to be the Olympic gold medallist at the high jump.

Take stock of your natural talents and work with what you have got.

Everyone has got "an area of excellence" which is the one thing they are naturally good at.

Some people have a talent for maths. Others have a natural talent for drawing. Others have a natural ability with people. Others have a natural ability with machines.

To be successful, it makes sense to align your goals with your natural talents and abilities.

Star quality: (Resources).

To be realistic, every goal requires resources. Resources are:

  1. Money.
  2. Technology.
  3. People.

Money: You will need to finance your goal. From where will you get the money?

Technology: Your goal will probably need some kind of technology. What kind of technology do you need and from where will you obtain it?

People: You cannot succeed on your own. You will need to gain the WILLING cooperation of other people. Whose help do you need? How will you inspire them to cooperate with you?

These are the star qualities, that all goals need: Specific, Timed, Abilities, Resources.

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