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Manage your team through a Positive Mental Attitude

I want to show you a powerful eight-point plan for developing a positive mental attitude.
If you take these ideas and apply them you will very rapidly achieve excellent results.

1. Set achievable goals and makes written plan for their accomplishment

Nothing succeeds like success. When you choose a goal and you see yourself achieve it, your confidence in the future strengthens

2. Seek out the company of positive people

The people with whom you habitually spend your time have a very powerful effect on your attitudes and beliefs.

If you hang around with a go- nowhere -crowd, you can expect little success.
Actively seek out those people who are making better progress. Study them.
Learn their methods.
Pick up on their energy.
You will soon be making similar progress.

3. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself every day

Write positive affirmations for yourself and read them every day with feeling and belief.

This will have a dramatic effect on your feelings
My favourite is

"I overwhelm troubles with intelligent action"

What is yours?

4. Create a positive mental image of yourself as achieving your targets

Fill your mind with images of yourself achieving your targets.

Make the images as vivid as possible.
Hold the image in your mind as you repeat the affirmations

5. Eliminate destructive self criticism

Never put yourself down. Not even as a joke.

Do not say, "I'll never be able to do that"
When you criticise yourself, you are programming yourself to fail.
If you have nothing good to say about yourself, leave it blank.

For example, if you feel d strong on a particular day, say "I feel great"
If you feel weak, do not say anything. Not even to yourself.

6. Eliminate destructive criticism of others

Do not badmouth others. (Unless to their face with no one else present)

Keep your comments positive or say nothing.
Remember that you reap as you sow.
When you criticise others you generate a "negative atmosphere bubble" around you and you are sitting right in the middle of it!
Create a "positive atmosphere bubble" around you and live in it.

7. Do not accept destructive criticism from others

Constructive criticism is good. You should welcome it. For example, if some tells you " You talk too quickly and I cannot take everything in", thank the person for his comments and revise your methods.

But destructive criticism is bad. Refuse to accept it. For example, if someone tells you, " You will never make it", just smile and leave.
Do not argue with him or trade insults.

8. Expect success

Positive expectation is at the core of optimism.

Create within you an unshakeable expectation of success.
With that in place, you will feel excited about life and you will work well. That will inevitably bring success into your reality.

Can you think of two more ways to develop a good attitude? ...



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