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Communication Skills Training - First Impressions Do Count

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Posted 13 June 2014 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

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• Bespoke in-house training.
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You may find the following will help with your Persuasive Communication skills training.

First impressions count

People say, "You should not judge a book by its cover."

Maybe that's true.

Maybe people should not judge a book by its cover.
But the point is, they do.

People do judge books by covers.

They have to.

It is the only information they have available.

In order not to judge the book by its cover they would have to read the whole book.

Which they do not have the time, nor the inclination to do.

People form their initial impression based upon what they can see, on the front cover.

People make a decision whether to invest more time, money and effort into a book, based upon the initial impression created by what is presented to them, on the front cover.

People buy or don't buy, based upon what the front cover looks like; and based upon what the front cover says.

And the same is true in other realms.

People buy into you, or they don't buy into you, based upon a judgement that they make of your external appearance: What you look like, and what you say.

So, although morally, maybe, people should not judge, they do judge. And they must . And they will.

  • They will judge you on the way you look.
  • They will judge you on the way you speak. And
  • They will judge you on what you say.

What else is there?

So it is important that:

1. You dress correctly

Meaning: You dress in a manner that is likely to trigger a positive response in your audience. Or at least, try not to dress in a manner that will trigger a negative response in your audience.

2. You speak correctly

Meaning: You should present your message using language which is likely to trigger a positive response in the mind of your listeners. Or at least try to not use words and phrases that are likely to trigger a negative response.

Be careful with your words. Your words have an awesome power.
Your words have the power to make you, or break you.

3. You act correctly

Meaning: it is important that you act in a manner that is likely to trigger a positive reaction in the minds of the people with whom you are trying to communicate. Or at least, try not to act in ways that are likely to antagonise the people with whom you are trying to communicate.

Don't antagonise for entertainment value.


Do you know anyone who likes to antagonise others, just for entertainment value?
They love to shock.

Which is a shocking habit.

Instead of upsetting and shocking people with shocking habits, you might find the following advice more profitable:

  • Be nice
  • Look nice
  • Speak nicely

Think before you engage your mouth.

People do judge you.
Make sure they judge you to be worthy of further investment.

First impressions do count.

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FREE Training Needs Analysis!

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