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Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

How could you improve your communication skills so that you could get the best possible results, from any situation?

We all would benefit if we improved our ability to communicate more effectively.

What is communication?

Communication may be defined as: the transfer of information and emotion from one mind to another.

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What are the characteristics of good communication?

Good communication is:

  1. Clear
  2. Rational
  3. Positive

Clear communication: is an expression of clear thinking, with precise wording, and defined concepts.

Rational communication: Good communicators give their listeners plenty of reasons to believe that what they are saying is true and or makes good sense. Therefore there needs to be some evidence of some logic being applied to whatever you are discussing.

Positive communication: means that the communication is emotionally uplifting, not depressing; positive communication should inspire a change in the listener. Inspiring means that the communication tends to trigger some kind of action.

We all would benefit if we were able to better communicate our thoughts.

We have said that good communication consists of being clear, rational, and positive. Good communication also consists of effective body language skills, good voice tones, excellent listening skills, intelligent questioning skills and powerful memory skills.


That gives us eight communication qualities to ask you about:

  1. Clarity
  2. Reason
  3. Positivity
  4. Body language
  5. Voice tone
  6. Listening skills
  7. Questioning skills
  8. Memory


Would you please: rank your abilities, out of ten, for each of the following questions, with 10 meaning, "I am really good at this", and 1 meaning, "I am really NOT good at this".

1. Clear communication

How would you rank yourself for the ability to speak and or write clearly? When you speak are you able to always make your exact meaning clear to others, or do you suffer from frequent examples of other people NOT really understanding what you mean?

2. Rational

How persuasive are you? Are you able to convince others, by means of your carefully crafted logic, that what you say is true, or good?

Or do you find that other people tend to disregard what you say to them as rather unconvincing?

3. Positive

To what degree do you tend to come across to others as being a positive personality, meaning, you are generally optimistic, future orientated, cooperative, friendly and generally happy. Or do you tend to come across as rather pessimistic, rather backwards looking, cynical, unfriendly, and sometimes miserable or angry?

4. Body language

How would you rate your body language? Do you smile often or not? Do you tend to stand straight or slouch? Do you have a good hand shake?

5. Voice tones

How would you rate your voice? Your voice volume? Pitch? Pace? Do you talk too much or not enough?

6. Listening skills

Are you a good listener? Do you pay attention to the other person, or does your mind tend to wander off?

7. Questioning skills

Would you say you had the ability to ask good questions, meaning, are you able to ask the questions that elicit more valuable information and keep the conversation going nicely? Or is questioning skills, something to which you have never given much thought?

8. Memory

Are you able to remember what was said to you? Do you remember names of people you meet? Do you recall what they told you? Or do you tend to forget too much?

In relation to the above eight questions, which were your strongest points, and which were your weakest points?

Would you please, answer this question?

What skill do you think you need to develop?

If you want to attend a course that will help you develop your communication skills, please follow this link.

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Do you ever think to yourself, "I know what I mean, but I can't explain it"? You need to be able communicate facts, feelings, information and ideas, in a clear, professional and confident manner. If you want to learn more about our communication skills training, please click here.

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