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Accelerated Learning and Memory Training

Accelerated learning and memory training

Accelerated learning and memory training

Improve your mental focus and concentration

It is important because there are many people who have poor concentration.
They can't keep their mind on the job!

How many people do you know suffer from having a butterfly mind?

A butterfly mind is one that never settles on anything long enough to allow for any meaningful progress to be made before they:

  • Get distracted
  • Lose interest and start a new task
  • Stop thinking altogether and go into a daydream

The opposite of a butterfly mind is a focused mind
A focused mind is one that settles onto one task and concentrates its forces onto one spot, long enough and with sufficient intensity, to allow for good progress to be made.

Such a mind is NOT easily distracted. It does not easily drift onto the next random task, nor does it slip, unnoticed, into reverie.

What is concentration?

Arnold Palmer, one of the world's greatest golf players, who has won numerous events on both the PGA tour and the Champions tour, nicknamed "The King," says:
What do I mean by concentration? I mean focusing totally on the business at hand and commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do."

The butterfly mind vs. the focused mind, is a crucial distinction

Whether you possess a butterfly mind or a focused mind has nothing to do with your innate intelligence: it has nothing to do with your degree of education.
It has everything to do with how often and to what degree, you switch on and apply your mental machinery.

The difference in results obtained from each type of mind, is remarkable

A focused mind can (and does) produce copious amounts of high quality work in a short time.
A non focused mind can take years and will accomplish practically nothing.

Mental focus does not preclude multi tasking

Mental focus means concentrating 100% on the task that you are on now.
Multi tasking does not mean focusing on many things at once.
Multi tasking is the ability to switch the spotlight of your mind between tasks that may be occurring simultaneously.
Achieving "focus" does not preclude multi tasking, because, even when you are multi tasking, whatever task you are on in that moment, you are on that task and only that task.

So you can see that, those with high degree of mental focus are often multi-faceted individuals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger world successful athlete, movie actor, property millionaire, author and politician, father and ecco-warrior says:
"What I learned from bodybuilding more than anything else is focus: concentrating on one thing, and not even if a bomb explodes around me, do I lose my concentration".

How can you develop your powers of concentration?

Here are the steps:

1. Decide to:

Because concentration is a mental act, it must be consciously chosen.
Most people do not monitor their level of concentration. So, decide to make "higher levels of concentration" a priority and begin to notice how long, and with what intensity, you are able to maintain your focus.

2. Train yourself:

When you sit down to a task, start the stop watch function on your mobile phone and record how long you work with full focus. When your focus fails and you break off or begin to daydream, note the time and write it down. Next time you sit down to work; see if you can beat your last figure.
Your goal is to extend your capacity to generate high intensity mental focus.

3. Regulate your environment:

Some environments are conducive to good mental focus; other environments are not.
Evidently you will fare better in a conducive environment, rather than in an environment that is full of distractions and noise.

That being said, there are people who have developed their powers of concentration to such a high degree, that they are impervious to outside influences. I.e. they are NOT affected by environment:
They train themselves in order to achieve this remarkable ability.


Isaac Asimov: who was one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books and an estimated 9,000 letters and articles, said of his powers of concentration:

"Nothing interferes with my concentration! You could put on an orgy in my office and I wouldn't look up.

Well, maybe once."

For more information about accelerated learning training visit the Corporate Coach Group website.

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