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Training for Managers

Training for managers

Training for managers is important. Your managers are the people who are supposed to be able to properly organise the tasks and motivate the team, to ensure the organisation's goals are achieved, in the most efficient manner possible.

  • If your managers are well trained, then you will observe that your goals are being achieved in the most efficient manner possible.
  • But if your managers are not well trained, then you won't.

It may be true, that some of your managers are not managing to get the job done in the best, most efficient manner possible. You might notice that there is, sometimes, too much time spent, on tasks that don't add much value. And you might notice too, that sometimes, the teams are not working together well, as a team. You might notice that there are some internal divisions within the team and that some individuals are at loggerheads; in petty conflict with each other.

Pistols at dawn.

These petty conflicts waste time, money and energy; and do not add value to anyone. The manager is supposed to be able to diffuse conflicts and make the ship a happy one. But many managers are not trained. Some poor managers have never attended a single days training specifically- written for managers.

Question: Have your managers recently, (within the last three years), attended a training course specifically intended for managers.

If not: Then they may be labouring under the disadvantage of using the wrong approach.

Question: Would you say that some managers in your organisation are using the wrong approach?

If yes, then it is probably true that, as a result of using the wrong approach to managing people, they are getting less than optimal results; which means that the company, as a whole, is running at less than optimum efficiency. Which means that the company, as a whole, is more prone to failure, than it otherwise would be.

If the managers are untrained; if they have not received any training specifically- written for managers, then they are forced into a position of working with the tools provided by:

  • Their common sense.
  • Their personal experience.
  • Trial and error.
  • Their gut feel.

The problem is that "True Management Principles" are not so easy to find. True Management Principles are not to be found unless you are actively looking for them.

  • Seek and you shall find.
  • Only if you seek, will you find.

Common sense is not that common. Personal experience rarely provides us with visions of perfection. "Trial and error" is too slow, and the "errors" are too costly. And gut feel just does not work. You cannot properly trust your "gut feel", to accurately navigate your way across the seven seas.

What it is that your managers need, is a management course written specifically for managers.

The management course your people need should present a systematic, logical, detailed and precise method, that will show them exactly what to do, and exactly what to say, in order to get the best from themselves and others. And the course needs to be presented in such a way that the delegates will understand it all, agree with the major principles, and be able to implement the skills, the very next day, after the course.

The manager's course will help the managers to gain a detailed knowledge on how to excel in six major areas of activity.

  1. Setting and achieving goals.
  2. The clear and accurate use of language.
  3. Proper planning and prioritisation.
  4. Proper methods of handling conflict and poor performance interviews.
  5. Proper methods to manage their own motivation, self-confidence and personal conduct. (To become a role model.)
  6. The language of a leader: How to inspire, create and maintain a "positive atmosphere" in the team.

If you want to attend such a course, or if you want to organise one, then please follow this link........ Leadership and Management Training Course

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

As the team leader or manager, you know that, on the technical level, you are very good. In your role as an effective and inspirational leader-manager, you recognise that there may be some gaps. Now you are searching for a method to help you to improve your skills as a team-leader and manager - click here to find out more!

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