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People Management Training - What are People Management Skills?

People Management Training - What are People Management Skills?

People management training

People management training is designed to help people get the best possible performance from themselves and others.

Your real role is to get the best possible performance that you can, from yourself and everyone else.
If you can get the best performance from everyone with whom you come into contact, then you will make the fastest progress possible.

I expect that you will agree with me, that you won't be able to get a good performance from other people, unless you are first finding ways to get a good personal performance from yourself.

If you are in a bad state; if you are in a bad mood, if you are feeling depressed, disorganised and dispirited, then you won't win-over the hearts and minds of your close colleagues, and your prospective purchasers.

In order to develop your powers of persuasion, and in order to inspire the interest of others, you need to perfect your People management skills.

What are the people management skills?

There are many important people management skills, but we believe that they can all be subsumed into six categories; six major categories of skills, into which all the other people skills can be slotted.

Teamwork : People Management Training - What are People Management Skills?

What are the six major categories of people management skills?

The six categories of people management skills are as follows.

1. Inspiring others

Inspiring others is actively achieved by means of purposefully talking in positive ways about the future and the present.

People are optimistic only to the degree to which they feel their future will be better than their past and present. If people feel that their future will be worse than their present or the past, then the feelings that will follow are fear, worry, anxiety and a loss of confidence.

If you want to: defuse the fear: win out over the worry: annex the anxiety; and confer some confidence in the souls of others, then, you must master the art of producing pictures in the minds of others, which describe a better future.

Not the feeding of a fantasy; but a more realistic assessment of what is positively possible.

2. Inspiring yourself

The ability to inspire your own self is to be found by mastering the method of controlling the content and focus of your own thought patterns.

Since your emotions are a product of your thoughts, and since you are the only one who can control the content of your own consciousness, then each person has the potential to be the sovereign of their soul. The secret to success in the field of emotional intelligence is to be found in the mastery of your own mind.

Mastering your own mind is a powerful personal management skill that needs to be practiced until perfected, as far as is possible.

3. Conflict conciliation

Handling conflicts situations by focusing on the solution of the argument rather than on its cause, or focusing on the question of who is to blame.

When in a conflict situation, force yourself to focus the conversation onto the future: Meaning; focus the form of the conversational onto the question of, "What will happen next": as opposed to "what has already happened".

Remember, the solution to the problem is always to be found in the future. Your task is to seek out a solution.

The cause of the problem has already occurred and therefore, it cannot now be changed.

When in conflict:

  • Don't be blinded by the desire to distribute the balance of blame.
  • Instead, be inspired by the search for some practical, durable, solutions.

4. Proper prioritisation and planning

Proper prioritisation of tasks is intended to insure that, at any one instant, you are always doing the most meaningful and valuable thing. Proper prioritisation is the essential essence of time management.

You need to learn the discipline of doing the only right thing in the right order.

Time management, proper planning, preparation and prevention of error all are an important part of the people management skills.

5. Clear communication

Clear communication and the proper use of language. You need your language to be clear, and distinct. Your language must be unequivocal; your message must be devoid of double meanings.

Clear communication is the art of transferring the content of your mind into the mind of the other person, without introducing too much ambiguity, confusion or contradiction.

Without clear communication, you won't be able to persuade others of the practicality of your plans.

6. Definiteness of decision

The final people management skill is the most important: It is called, definiteness of decision.

It is the foundation, the fundamental principle upon which all the others are built.

Definiteness of decision is the ability to decide exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

  • If you don't know what you want to achieve, then you cannot achieve it
  • And you would not even recognise it, if you saw it, lying at your feet, in the street

The greatest people management skill is the ability to decide, to determine, exactly what it is that you want.

And then, to determine, with the same sense of certainty, what the other person wants.

  • If you know what you want, and
  • If you know what the other person wants, (people management skills 6)
  • Then you can start to use the other previously mentioned skills


  • If you know what you want, and if you know what the other person wants, then you can start to communicate in a meaningful manner. (People management skill set 5).
  • Then, you can start to prioritise and prepare your plans. (People management skill set 4). Then, you will have fewer conflicts of interest. (People management skill set 3).
  • Then you will have something positive upon which to focus your mind. (People management skill set 2). Then,
  • Then you will have something definite to say, when you are attempting to justify to the others, the reasons why, it is true that they do, have every right to feel objectively optimistic.
  • You can correctly claim that the future will be a vast improvement on the past. (People management skill set 1).

If you want to, you could reverse the order and say that the proper order for the people management skills sets is:

  1. Definiteness of decision
  2. Clear communication
  3. Proper planning
  4. Conflict conciliation
  5. Inspire self
  6. Inspire others

If you do have a desire to develop these six powerful people management skills and if you are searching for an informative course which would assist you, then you could click now on the following link: People management skills training course

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