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Most Common Communication Mistake and How to Fix Them

Most common communication mistake and how to fix them

What is the most common mistake in your communication with others?

Possible answer: Saying what you think, as opposed to thinking about what you say.

Most people believe they should say what they think. They call such communication, being up front; being a plain speaker.

John Joke says "I call it, as I see it! If you don't like it, tough!"
Interestingly, last month, John's wife left him.
John says what he thinks without any regard to the possible consequences of his words.
When in company, he called his wife "Stupid".
And he thinks being such a plain speaker is a virtue.
It is not.

It is a vice to be so careless in language.
"Say what you think" is not always such good advice
You may have heard the opposite advice
"Think before you speak"

Equivalent advice is "Engage your brain, before you engage your mouth"

Similar advice from the war office in 1942 "Idle talk costs lives!"

You have a choice

  1. To say what you think, irrespective of the consequences, good or bad
  2. To think about what you say, with careful consideration of the likely effects of your words on yourself and on others

We suggest option two:

Make this distinction a priority issue
Reject the idea that you should mindlessly blurt out whatever your thoughts are, on a given subject.
Such talk is a sign of an immature character.

Instead, think about what you are saying, and what you should leave unsaid.
Such is the wise speaker

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

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Memorise this maxim:
That once you have said it, you've said it, and you can't take it back.

Even the greatest orators get this wrong

In 399 BC, the famous Greek orator Socrates was being tried for "Corrupting the youth of Athens" with his incessant questioning of the wisdom of the city legislature. He was found guilty and the judges asked Socrates "In light of the gravity of the offence, what punishment do you, Socrates believe would be a just one".

Socrates said that, as punishment, he should be set free and then kept in luxury for the rest of his life, at the expense of the state; in return for the service he has rendered the city.

They gave him the death penalty!


Have you ever, in the heat of an argument, said too much: and talked yourself into trouble?
You are now too old to be making that kind of rookie mistake.
Be more judicious!

Think about what you say, before you say it.

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