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Leadership Training - Develop your Power

Leadership training - Develop your Power

Leadership training: Develop your Power

Power is a word for which we have mixed associations.

Positive and negative associations.

For example; we say that we want to empower ourselves and others.
But then we say that power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
So what forms of power should we seek to develop and for which forms of power should we be more wary?

Problems with words

The problem, as usual, stems from the fact that we are using one word ("power") to denote more than one concept. Such an obvious error is bound to cause confusion.
One word to denote many different concepts is bound to cause a mess.
The key to clear-thinking is to have clear-concepts and specific-definitions for each concept.
If we use one word, to mean many different things, then inevitably that will cause confusion.
Ideally, we need one word with one definition, denoting only one concept. Then miscommunications and confusion disappear and clarity would reign supreme.

But language did not evolve that way and we are stuck with having many words that have multiple meanings.
"Power" is one of them.

What is power?

Here are six positive forms of "power"

1. Power of production

In science text books; power is defined as "work done per unit time".
In a business context, this definition translates to mean that your power is the measure of:
The "amount of production per day".

Are you a productive individual or not?
Productive power is an important measure of power because without productive effort we would go bust.
Your power of production is your most fundamental value to yourself and others.

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2. Will power

Your will power is your strength to do those things that are difficult or unpleasant through the exercise of your mind:

  1. Mind over body
  2. Mind over mood..
  3. Mind over matter.

Some people exercise this power of their will.
But most people don't.

Olympic athletes use their will power to train hard on rainy days when they feel tired.
An Olympic athlete uses her will power to push longer and harder against resistance.
If you want to be a champion then you must develop your will power.

3. Power of reason

Of all the creatures on earth, it is only humans that specialises in the power to reason.
Reason is the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by the senses.
Your Reason integrates your sense perceptions by means of forming concepts, thus raising your knowledge from the perceptual level, to the conceptual level.

The method which reason employs to do this is logic.
Your powers to think rationally and logically about the problems that face you will determine your ability to solve them.
Some people actively develop their powers of reason and logic.
But most people don't

Scientists, mathematicians, technologists, engineers, medics and those in the legal professions do actively develop their powers of reason and logic.
But most other people don't.

Develop your powers of rational and logical thought.

4. Power of attraction

In order to prosper you must gain the cooperative support and help from others.

Because you can't win on your own.
So you should develop your powers to attract people to you.

Attract people by developing an attractive personality

  • Smile
  • Be more optimistic
  • Don't over criticise and condemn and complain
  • Instead praise, appreciate and reward others
  • In conversation talk more about the things that interest them

Work to develop your powers of attraction.

5. Power of concentration

In order to do well, you must focus on one thing at a time.
You have a choice: You can focus your mind purposefully-or you can un-focus it and let it drift in a mental fog, merely reacting to any chance event.
In reference to the power of mental focus Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

"What I learned most from bodybuilding training is focus; the concentration of power.
The ability to concentrate on one thing.
And not even if a bomb explodes, do I lose my concentration.
That is a most wonderful thing to be equipped with!"

Develop your power of concentration.

Now we have talked about positive forms of power:

  1. Power of concentration
  2. Power of attraction
  3. Power of reason
  4. Power of the Will
  5. Power of production

Now let us contrast the good with the bad

The evil is the desire for "Power over others".
In history there have been those who desire the personal power to dominate the lives of others.

Examples of such types:

  1. Napoleon
  2. Hitler
  3. William the conqueror
  4. Caesar

I call these types: Power lustres.
A Power lustres want power, not over themselves or adverse conditions, but rather, over other people.

These power lustre types are dangerous.

Be wary if your soul is tainted with the desire to dominate others.
Look how each of the above ended their lives and you will see the error of the method.

Help yourself and others to develop their powers:

  1. Power to produce.
  2. Will power
  3. Power to reason
  4. Power to attract
  5. Power to concentrate

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