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How to Persuade Someone to Do Something

How to persuade someone to do something

How to be more persuasive

Wouldn't it be great if you could persuade everyone to accept your view; if you could persuade everyone that your idea is the best one, and that they should follow your proposal?

In order for this to happen they have to believe your idea is: True, worthwhile, practical and preferably easy.

1. How to make people say "That's true!"

Point to observable facts that prove your idea is demonstrably true in reality. Use logical arguments based on observable facts and show that your idea is a logical deduction from facts.

2. How to make people believe your idea is worthwhile.

If you can show that your idea will lead to pleasurable, beneficial or profitable consequences for the other person, they will tend to think the idea is great.

You need to sell the benefits of your idea from the perspective of the other person's self-interest.

Use words such as gain, achieve, earn, win, receive, money, profit, free time or pleasure.

3. Show them your idea is practical.

Figure out the practical aspects of your idea. How can you make the idea a practical reality? What steps would need to be taken. How much would it cost. What technology would be needed. What skills and knowledge would need to be found?

If you cannot demonstrate how the plan would work in practice, others will doubt its practicality. You need to do sufficient research to show how it could be done.

4. Tell them it will be easy.

Nobody likes things to be too hard, or too complicated. They prefer things that are straight forward and simple.

Therefore, use words such as straight-forward, simple, easy, step by step, effortless.

5. Tell them it will be fun.

Everyone likes fun. If the task itself is not fun, then tell them that the people they will be doing the task with, are fun. For example "You will be working with the bomb disposal team who are a terrific bunch! You will have a lot of fun working with them!"

Use words such as fun, enjoy, relish, like, happy, laugh.

6. Get them on-board.

If you don't "close the sale" there and then, the chances are they will soon lose interest.

As soon as you can get them started on the process, they will have emotionally committed.

Ensure that the initial activities you give them are indeed quick, easy and fun.

Try these tactics next time you want to persuade someone to do something.

About the Author: Chris Farmer


Chris Farmer is the founder of the Corporate Coach Group and has many years’ experience in training leaders and managers, in both the public and private sectors, to achieve their organisational goals, especially during tough economic times. He is also well aware of the disciplines and problems associated with running a business.

Over the years, Chris has designed and delivered thousands of training programmes and has coached and motivated many management teams, groups and individuals. His training programmes are both structured and clear, designed to help delegates organise their thinking and, wherever necessary, to improve their techniques and skills.

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