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How to Manage Constructive Criticism

How to manage constructive criticism

Critical feedback is built into the success formula.

For some people, criticism is a painful experience.

Therefore, for some people, the success formula is a painful experience!
Some people cannot take criticism because they mistake all criticism as "a put down" or an insult- i.e. something to be avoided.
All Champions (like us) distinguish between feedback (which they welcome) and insults (which they ignore).

So now, read the following examples and distinguish insults from feedback:

  • if you think the statement is merely a put down.
  • if you think it is valuable information.

  1. While you are taking a photograph, someone tells you: "You re standing too far away from the subject"
  2. While taking a photograph someone says, "You always take crumby photos"
  3. Your shoes are dirty
  4. You're a Wally
  5. You keep forgetting to phone me when you said you would
  6. You pronounced that last word wrong. The stress should be on the last syllable
  7. You have put on weight. (Assume it is true that you have)
  8. You have an attitude problem
  9. You're a right bitch, sometimes
  10. You told Mary that thing I told you in confidence
  11. You are too late for the beginning of the film. That's three times you've done that
  12. You are lazy

What distinguishes insult from feedback?

All insults are: Emotionalised, non-specific, evaluative, and opinionated and do not suggest any particular action.
All feedback messages are: Factual, specific, informative, non judgemental, not emotionally charged and do suggest an action.

Take valid criticism as valuable information.

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