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How to Improve your Communication

How to improve your communication

There is a simple way to improve your communication:

"Think before you speak"

Before you say anything, ask yourself this question:

"What will be the likely consequence of what I am about to say?"

Will it lead to a consequence that is...

  1. Beneficial
  2. Neutral
  3. Negative

Then tell yourself that you will not say ANYTHING in the third category

Let us look at each category

Beneficial words:

Are the things you should say more of ...
Genuine complements
Statements expressing your goals and ambitions

Questions about the other person's plans
When you disagree you say: "That is interesting way of looking at it- I don't think of it like that at all."

Neutral words:

Are the things that don't have too much effect either way:

  1. Observations on the moment
  2. Look at that cloud!
  3. Chit chat
  4. Idle conversation
  5. When you disagree you say "No I think you are wrong"

Negative words:

Things you should not say
Unfounded rumour


Humour at another's expense


Non constructive criticism
Silly or stupid comments

When you disagree, you say: "Don't be stupid"
Since your future success is bound to your degree of skill as a communicator, it would pay you to monitor your own language.
Don't keep repeating the language mistakes that are currently holding you back.
Say more good things.

Visit the Corporate Coach Group website for more information on effective communication skills.

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