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Goal Setting Questions

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Posted 07 August 2015 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

Personal Development Courses

We offer both:
• Bespoke in-house training.
These can be tailored to your specific needs.
• Open training courses at locations near you.
You may find the following will help with the development of your Personal development skills training.

Goal Setting Questions

You are defined by your goals. Your goals define who and what you are, and your goals define who and what you will become.

Even a drunk has a goal. Question: What is the goal for a drunk? Answer. To get drunk. What is the goal for a goal keeper? To prevent the goal from being scored. What is the goal for a politician? To gain political power. What is the goal for a businessman or woman? To develop a business that creates a good profit.

To some degree we all have goals. Two of the most important questions we could ask about you are:

  • What are your goals; what is it that you want to achieve, in the next few years? and
  • To what degree are you focusing your efforts on achieving your goals?

This brings us to the idea that there are many ways to go wrong. Here are a few common ways that people go wrong.

  1. They don't set any goals.
  2. They do set goals: but they set bad goals. (For example, some people set the goal to defraud their insurance company).
  3. They set too many goals, so that they cannot focus on any one of them for long enough to make any appreciable progress. And in so doing, they lose the very thing they were hoping to gain, which is goal focus.
  4. They set goals; but then don't do anything about achieving them. For example, they set a goal to lose weight but then sit down to a supper of cheese on toast, and a beer.
  5. They set goals but the goals are so unrealistic that they set themselves up for failure. They decide they will win the Tour de France next year. And they don't even own a bike. So their goals setting is more an expression of self-delusion rather than self-improvement.
  6. They set a goal but they don't believe that they can achieve it. So they never really put in the necessary effort which is required to achieve the goal.

Goal setting

Here is a ten point formula for goal setting. It requires that you ask and answer the following ten questions, in writing, in detail. And each and every day you repeat the process.

1. What is the goal that you want to achieve?

2. How would you describe that goal using numbers? (For example, if you want to improve your sales, then by how much? If you want to lose weight and get in shape, then what numbers would describe your ideal physical shape?)

3. How would you describe your goal in more detail in a short written paragraph? Give a verbal description of the goal, as you see it in its completed form?

4. What are the key point indicators, (KPIs) that you would track to keep an eye on your degree of progress? For example, if you were wanting to "grow the business" what would you track?

  • Would you track your gross sales volumes?
  • Would you track your profit margins?
  • Would your track your profit before tax?
  • Would you track your price to earnings ratio?

You need to know what you will use to measure your progress.

5 What additional skills, knowledge and information do you need to gather, in order to achieve your goal? To achieve your goal you will need to know more. What do you need to study?

6. What additional physical resources do you need to assemble? Physical resources means, money, technology and people. Do you need better technology, or better financing or do you need help from people that you don't yet know? Probably yes. So now you need to make some plans to get in front of the people who can help you in the pursuit of your goal.

7. What is the time limit that you need to put on this goal? If you don't put a time limit on this goal then the temptation will be to procrastinate and let it slide.

You need a deadline that is optimistic; but not over optimistic. By when do you think you should have achieved the goal?

8. With all the above information in mind, write out your detailed written plan of action. Write down in detail what you will do, by when, with whom, and how.*

9. When will you make a start?

10. The day after you start, some things will go right and some things will go wrong. As a result of these events, you will need to continually adapt and upgrade your plan. So each day, you need to ask yourself.

What adaptive changes to my current plan of action do I need to make, in order to more effectively achieve my goals?

Make progress by continually asking and answering the above ten questions and acting on their answers.

See if you can help your work colleagues to achieve their goals, simply by asking them these ten goal setting questions.

Goal Setting App

*Try the Corporate Coach Goal Setting Web App to help you set your goals and give you a plan of action. Use it for free as many times as you like!

Goal Setting App

Goal Setting Training

Goal Setting, Communication and Conflict.

You cannot achieve the goal you failed to set. So the first step to achieving your goal is to set it.
Then you need to communicate the goal to others and you need to handle the inevitable conflicts and problems you will get whenever you try implement your plans. This course will help.

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