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Communication Skills: Repetition of a Simple Message

Communication Skills: Repetition of a Simple Message

Communication skills training involves improving many skills.

One communication skill you may need to improve is the art of persuasion. Wouldn't it be great if you could persuade more people?

The best method of persuasion is repetition of a simple message.

Repetition of a simple message

The reason why repetition is the best way to persuade people, is that before people can act on an idea, they must first be able to REMEMBER it.

If they don't remember your message, then they won't act on it.

Repetition works well because repetition makes the message stick in the memory. And once the message is in the memory, it can get to work to influence the mind.

Remember that the mind can only be influenced by those ideas it holds in the memory. And repetition drives the message into the memory.

Advertisers, politicians and song writers rely on repetition of a simple slogan.

All advertisers use repetition to sell their wares. Simples!

Politicians use repetition to persuade their voters.

For example, in the current US presidential race, Donald Trump is repeatedly referring to Hilary Clinton as "Crooked Hilary". He understands that if he keeps referring to her as Crooked Hilary, then that message will be carried by the media and repeated a million times.

So, whenever someone thinks of Hilary Clinton, their mind will recall the phrase, 'Crooked Hilary', and it will have an effect on how they feel.

In politics, the Russians called Mrs Thatcher, "The Iron Lady" as an insult. But Mrs Thatcher thought that name was terrific and so she kept it and repeated it herself. She called herself The Iron Lady and now, so do we all.

In marketing, Carlsberg used the slogan "Probably the best lager in the world". And the slogan took hold and sold a lot of lager.

In Sports, Muhammed Ali said of himself, "I am the Greatest".

In music, every songwriter is looking for a great, HOOK. A hook is a single line that is repeated and gets stuck in the memory.

Kylie Minogue scored big with, "I just can't get you out of my head".

Which kind-of makes my point. "I just can't get you out of my head" is a phrase that I just can't get out of my head.

"I Can't Get You Out of My Head", reached number one in 40 countries across the globe. It was certified triple-platinum in Australia, double-platinum in the United Kingdom, and gold in the United States.

Repetition of a simple phrase is key to memory, sales, marketing, music, politics, and persuasion.

The point of this message is: Figure out what is your main message: turn that message into a catchy one liner. Repeat the one liner as often as you can.

Our own one liner is: 'Real training, real life, real people'.

The best method of persuasion is..... Repetition of a simple message.

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Do you ever think to yourself, "I know what I mean, but I can't explain it"? You need to be able communicate facts, feelings, information and ideas, in a clear, professional and confident manner. If you want to learn more about our communication skills training, please click here.

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