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The course content was very good! Easy to follow and concise. Loved the diagrams and the various quotes. Punchy wording that stays with you! Loved the idea of summarising thoughts on back pages. The trainer's presentation was excellent! Fantastic use of humour to explain the concepts that are not easy to convey. Very good 'illustrative' technique. Explains fantastically through use of examples.

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ILM Recognised Provider

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Accelerated Learning Video Training Video

Accelerated Learning Training

Accelerated Learning Training

Accelerated learning is a set of special techniques that will help you to memorise new information or teach new information much more quickly.

Accelerated learning is based upon the RAISE principle:

RAISE means:

  • Repetition
  • Association
  • Imagination
  • Structure
  • Effort

Would you like to improve your memory? You can train your memory, quickly and easily, by learning specific memory techniques which were originally invented by the Ancient Greeks.

In this online training course, you will learn:

  • How to harness your imagination to memorise anything
  • How to organise your material to make it more memorable
  • The importance of repetition
  • How you can use your imagination to associate what you need to remember to what you already know
  • How imposing a logical structure onto information makes it easier to memorise
  • How to organise a learning or a teaching session
  • How review is important to memory training

Take this training today as an instant access video here (£14.95 +VAT)

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