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What Makes People Do What They Do?

What makes people do what they do?

What makes people do what they do?

In order to get the best from yourself and others, you need a good answer to this question.

What makes people do what they do?

i.e: What is the cause of human action
Traditionally there have been two answers to this question.
"Nature" and "nurture".
The so called BIG debate is "Are you determined by your nature or your nurture"?

The "Determined by nature" has many variants In this view, your behaviour is determined by:

  1. Your genetic codes. Your DNA
  2. Your family traits
  3. Your breeding
  4. Your hormone levels
  5. Your age
  6. Your race

The "Determined by nurture" also has many variants

In this view, your behaviour is determined by:

  1. Your upbringing
  2. Your friends
  3. Your parent's politics
  4. Your social class
  5. The TV and media you have been exposed to

So, in answer to the question: Why did Nicky become aggressive? It was because:

"He was born with high testosterone levels and that makes him "prone" to aggression". (Nature)

And /or

Because: "Society has rewarded aggressive behaviour in the past (Nurture)".

Here is an important point to notice:

Both agree that it is not his responsibility or fault:

  • He can't help it
  • You can't help it
  • None of us can help the things we do Oh really???

There is an alternative, third option in answer to the question

"What makes people do what they do?"

You do the things you do, based upon the thoughts that you hold in your mind.

That's it! Simple.

A human action is driven by human thought.

Thought controls action.

So, what, or which group of people, control your thoughts?

No group and nothing:

Only YOU control your thoughts

Or at least: you should!

As far as we can tell: Nobody has devised a method of remote thought control.

A government official or thug can threaten the body, but nobody can force your mind.

This piece of information is both an opportunity and an obligation

What makes people do what they do?

Here is the crux of it:

You are NOT determined by your family traits

You are NOT determined by others

Nobody made you do it

You made yourself do it

You are determined only by the degree to which you exercise your prerogative

You are NOT a puppet of circumstance

The good news and the bad news is the same:

You are in command

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