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Team Leader Training

Team Leader Training

Team leader training is important

Because your future prosperity depends on the productive capability of teams. Since hardly anyone lives and works alone, and since we live and we work in small teams, then we depend on the productive capacity of teams. Teams need to be organised and managed by team leaders.

If the team is to work well and be productive, it needs to be well organised, well managed, and well led. If the team is not well led, then the team may not work well, and its productive efficiency will be compromised.

So your future prosperity depends on the leadership of your team.

Therefore your future depends on the quality of your team leaders.

Therefore team leader training is important.

What is in a good team leader training course?

A good team leader training course should be a course that teaches the practical skills and knowledge that is needed every day in the life of a team leader.

The good team leader training course should provide an overarching method that explains exactly what to do, and what to say in order to get the best performance from every individual member of the group, and from the group as a whole.

The good team leader training course should not only give you the theory, but it should also show you, exactly, how to put the theory into practice, by giving you the proper skills, in the following way:

  1. How to set and achieve specific goals.
  2. How to communicate your message clearly and distinctly, without any sign of ambiguity or vagueness.
  3. How to plan ahead, prioritise and delegate tasks, so that every member of the group is doing the right things, at the right times.
  4. How to handle conflicts and poor performance interviews, in such a manner that they do not trigger a negative emotional response in the mind of the listener.
  5. How to master one's own self; to self motivate, to self inspire, to self discipline, to self correct, to self educate. i.e. The ability to master one's own soul.
  6. How to inspire positive emotions in others, so that that others will willingly act to give to you their best efforts and work to achieve the goal stated at step one, and communicated at step two and planned for at step three.

The above six qualities are the six primary qualities of leadership skills.

All team leaders must be able to function well on each one of the six listed above.

If anyone is missing, then, to that same degree, the team leader is more likely to fail.

For instance:

  • If the team leader is unclear on the goal, he she will likely fail.
  • If the team leader is unclear in their use of language, and therefore gives ambiguous instructions, then he she is likely to fail.
  • If the team leader is not a good planner, then he she will certainly fail.
  • If the team leader is not good at handling conflict, then he she will certainly fail.
  • If the team leader is not a good self-starter, and or lacks self-control and self-motivation, then he she will fail.
  • If the team leader is not able to inspire others to act to achieve the goal and follow the plan, then he she will fail.

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Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

As the team leader or manager, you know that, on the technical level, you are very good. In your role as an effective and inspirational leader-manager, you recognise that there may be some gaps. Now you are searching for a method to help you to improve your skills as a team-leader and manager - click here to find out more!

So if team leader training is important, then it is also important that they learn how

  • To set goals
  • To communicate
  • To plan ahead
  • To handle conflict
  • To self-motivate
  • To inspire others

This is the function of the team leader and the basis of our two day team leader programme.

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