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Release your Full Potential

Release Your Full Potential

Release Your Full Potential

You are a person who has not yet used your full potential.You would agree with me on that, wouldn't you?
Don't feel bad about it.
Nobody uses their full potential; because you only have one lifetime; and one lifetime is not enough to utilise all your God-given gifts.
So, we can feel sure that you have untapped potential just waiting to be utilised by you, for the benefit of yourself and your whole clan.

Release your potential to do more

Just as an acorn has the potential to develop, grow and become a great oak; so you have the potential to develop, grow and become a great bloke; (or lady).
You have the potential to develop, grow and become great at whatever you set your mind to do.
You have the potential to become a great athlete.
You have the potential to become a great business person, politician or parent.
You have the potential to become a creative genius.
You are a potential champion.

Having Untapped Potential is like having gold, buried in your back garden

Everyone has more potential than they are actually using. Metaphorically, you have some "money in the bank" you have not spent yet.
It is important to realise that your potentials have the capacity to be expressed; BUT they are not automatically expressed.
In order to express your full potential, you must first decide to do it.

Actualising your full potential takes a large amount of effort, time and energy. And it therefore requires a firm decision and an iron-clad-commitment to follow through.
Many people are not ready to make an iron-clad-commitment to personal achievement. They leave personal achievement for others, and they then go back to sleep.
If you do decide to commit to express your full potential the second question is: "In what field do you want to specialise?"

Although it is true that you have an almost unlimited potential, it is also true that you have only a limited time alive on this planet, so you must figure out what it is you want to do.
What do you want to be known for?

If you want to be great, you must first answer the question, "Great at doing what?"

  1. The first step to actualising your potential is to decide to actualise your full potential!
  2. The second step to actualising your potential is to specialise in something specific.

The third step to actualising your potential is to study. If you want to be great at anything, you must first acquire specialised knowledge.
Everything that exists has a structure. Every subject matter has a structure. And if you want to be great at something, then you must understand its intellectual structure.
Mathematics has a structure. A building has a structure. The business banking world has a structure. The earth has a structure. The human body has a structure. If you want to be great, you must study the structure of the topic in which you wish to specialise.

  • Step one: decide.
  • Step two: specialise.
  • Step three: study the structure.

Step four. Learn new skills.

Knowledge and skill are different things. Knowledge is held in the mind. But that knowledge does not necessarily translate into skill.
For example, I know where all the keys are on this keyboard; but my keyboard skills are laboriously slow. And i keepe manking mistaks.
It is not enough to be knowledgeable.
You must also develop skills.

Skills are the practical application of knowledge.
Knowledge without skills is almost worthless. If you know how to ride a bike, but can't ride a bike, you may as well not know how.
So it is important for you to develop the skills that are consistent with your goals.

  • Step one: decide.
  • Step two: specialise.
  • Step three: study structure.
  • Step four: develop skills.

Step five: drill, rehearse and perfect.

This is the last step. Now you have the skills; your task is to drill, rehearse and perfect your skills, every day.
Never become complacent.

Even if you are the world champion, keep going forward. No matter how good you get, you can assume that you are not yet perfect, and that there is more to learn.
Practice every day. A top guitarist such as Julian Bream would practice three or more hours a day.

A top politician would still practice her speech-making skills.
A top surgeon is always on top off the latest advances in technology that will help him in the next surgery.

Never stop your quest for knowledge. Never stop practicing and developing new skills.

If you want to express your full potential here are the steps:

  • Step one: decide.
  • Step two: specialise.
  • Step three: study structure.
  • Step four: develop skills.
  • Step five: drill, rehearse and perfect.
  • Step six: keep going on, forever!

Thank you.

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