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Qualities of Effective Leadership and Management

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Posted 16 December 2009 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

Personal Development Courses

We offer both:
• Bespoke in-house training.
These can be tailored to your specific needs.
• Open training courses at locations near you.
You may find the following will help you with the development your leadership and management skills training.

There are many qualities of effective leadership and management.

Here are fifteen of them.

Read them and score yourself out of ten for each.

Add up your score.

If you have scored less than 75 points book yourself on the two day programme.

Fifteen qualities of leadership and management

  1. Are you committed to "continuous improvement"?
    This presupposes that improvement is always possible.
    Also that the nature of business is to improve.
    Never to be 100% satisfied.
  2. Goal focused
    Clear goals unify the team and inspire creative thought.
    A diffused goal lacks power.
    Laser like goal- focus can cut through obstacles.
  3. Self belief and confidence
    Self belief is the ability to trust that your mind is capable of solving the problems that face you.
    Lack of trust in the ability of your own mind will cause your spirits to leak out and you will feel deflated.
  4. Personal initiative
    Personal initiative is the power to act without anyone else telling you what to do.
    It means not being passive.
  5. Creative imagination
    The ability to combine and re combine your knowledge into new permutations that look like new ideas.
  6. Logical analytical
    The ability to analyse and identify the facts, and the cause and effect relationships that exists between events and then come up with logical plans
  7. Self control
    Is the ability to stop yourself from doing the wrong thing, even when doing it wrong may seem expedient or pleasurable.
  8. Enthusiasm
    Is the ability to create emotional energy in the pursuit of a goal?
  9. Willingness to "Go the extra mile"
    Is the willingness to exceed the expectation of others, by doing more than was originally agreed?
  10. Financial prudence
    This means spending less than you earn and investing the difference in those things that will generate an income
    The opposite is: to spend MORE than you earn and then BORROW money to buy things that lose value.
  11. Accurate thought and decision making
    Accurate thought is the ability to see things as they are (no better, but no worse either) and then, on the basis of the facts, to make a decision.
    As opposed to guessing or delaying decisions for fear of making a wrong decision.
  12. Concentration of effort
    Concentrating on the one or two of the most important things, and making good progress on them.
    As opposed to spreading yourself too thinly over too many things, and getting nowhere.
  13. Pleasing personality
    Being easy to talk to.
    Being good to be with.
    Not arguing for entertainment value.
    Not being rude, crass, silly or embarrassing
  14. Ability to learn from mistakes ("Teachable")
    Being able to admit errors and learn from them
    Not being to arrogant to admit mistakes or too stubborn to refuse to change
  15. Co-operative (can work well with others)
    Recognising and being able to draw out the talents of others
    Cultivating other people's success.
    Not trying to look good by making others look bad.

Add up your score.

If you have scored less than 75 points book yourself on the two day programme.

Visit the Corporate Coach Group website for more information about our Leadership and Management Training courses

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