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Positive Leadership and Management Training

Positive Leadership and Management Training

Training the attitude

Have you ever thought of the effects continual repetition of negative predictions for 2009 may be having on the minds, and therefore the actions of those who listen?
I would like to suggest that it is the job of leaders to promote a positive attitude regarding the future.
Also to refrain from doing anything that unnecessarily induces feelings of fear, doubt or pessimism in the minds of colleagues or customers.

A "Positive attitude" has a definite beneficial effect on the country and its economy,
By implication, a "Negative attitude" is a threat to the country's economy.

The general atmosphere in the minds of many people in the country for 2009 is uncertain and lacking in confidence.

This changes the way people act and actually contributes to the problems.

  • Fear and uncertainty changes the way employees think and act.
  • Fear reduces the willingness of customers to spend and invest.
  • Fear slows down growth.

Fear should be replaced by confidence by means of positive leadership

I believe we should consciously be striving to replace uncertainty with confidence - and pessimism with optimism based upon "the will to win".
"The will to win" means rejecting a gloomy prediction (which is not a fact) and replacing it with a more optimistic view of what is possible next year:

  • Back that optimistic view with practical plans.
  • Back the plans with affirmative action.

I call on all our leaders, in both the public and private sector, to display "positive leadership skills"

This will mean a conscious decision to focus our collective conversation on the "can do" part of the situation, and NOT repeating "fear messages" that may induce pessimism and reluctance.

I would like to suggest it would be a good theme for your next business meeting to discuss

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

Leadership Training - The Effective Leader Manager

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A Positive mental attitude, its effects on the business, and the work atmosphere.

I would like to suggest you begin to repeat these points to anyone who will listen:

  1. That people tend to react to what they THINK is happening, rather than to the actual facts.
  2. And so POSITIVE thoughts can be an important first step to repairing a difficult situation.
  3. That Negative thinking, changes how people feel and therefore what they will do and therefore the economic performance of the organisation.

I would like to suggest that: you could EASILY beat the credit crunch by positive thought, and action.
I would like you to debate with your work colleagues HOW that aim could be achieved.
With the New Year drawing near, now is a good time to talk about an optimistic and confident future.
Please let me know your thoughts.

Chris Farmer

For more information about positive leadership and management training visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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