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Personal Skills of the Effective Manager

Personal skills of the effective manager

Seventeen personal skills of the effective manager

The management of others depends primarily on the management of yourself.
Here is an interesting list of seventeen personal management skills.

Read them through.

  1. As you read, ask yourself,
  2. Which ones am I doing?

And which ones am I NOT doing?

Make your analysis an honest one, and you will identify at least two aspects of your performance upon which you should focus your attention. Remember:

Your goal is to succeed. To succeed, you would profit by:

Identifying any errors Replace them with skills With that in mind, here is a list of seventeen skills.

1. Develop a keen desire for improvement

Develop your desire to improve things by your own efforts.Do not leave things as they are.

2. Name your major goals

Mark out a clear set of goals for the next twelve months Do not wait to "see how things turn out"

3. Develop a beneficial alliance

Develop a team of people around you. Choose those people that you can trust to help with practical advice and assistance. Do not try to work it out, on your own.

4. Develop a pleasing personality

Develop a pleasing personality by consciously filing down any rough edges you may have in your personality Do not continue to expose others to your bad habits.

5. Build Self confidence

Develop a self confidence based upon an accurate assessment of your skills
Do not sell yourself short Nor over inflate your ego

6. Act on your own personal initiative

Strive to take the initiative in any situation: Ensure that you set the pace for others. Stop waiting for the circumstances to be "just right".

7. Be willing to "go the extra mile"

Be willing to go the extra mile for your people. Do MORE than the other person expected, not LESS.

8. Develop Controlled Enthusiasm

Generate your own enthusiasm at will. Do not wait for others to inspire you. (They can't, because only YOU can inspire you.)

9. Learn self discipline

Learn how to make yourself do what you do NOT want to do.
Do not let things slide based on your own inaction.

10. Practice the art of accurate thinking

Learn to accurately distinguish between:
Important v trivial Relevant V irrelevant

11. Develop your organisation ability

Become excellent at building detailed, specific, practical plans of action: Never start a day without a written plan of action.

12. Induce others to work co operatively

Study leadership: Learn how to create a spirit of harmony between members of your team.
Disharmony will ruin the team's performance.

13. Give freedom to your creative vision

Allow your imagination the freedom to supply you with creative ideas.
Don't say too early "NO- IT WONT WORK".

14. Develop everlasting persistence

Come back after each defeat, with a new, improved plan.
Never give in.

15. Cultivate sound health

Moderate your intake of: Booze Food No not over eat. Nor drink too much booze.

16. Control your expenditure

Spend LESS than you earn and INVEST the difference.
Too many people do the opposite: They spend MORE than they earn and BORROW the difference. Hence the credit crunch.

17. Become a careful communicator

Learn to speak politely, carefully and with thought.
Don't let yourself down with language that is:

Hurtful Careless Ill thought out If you are honest with yourself, the chances are that at least TWO of the above skills would be weak point in your character.
Name the two points that represent a weakness and resolve to take corrective action.
Do not allow this to pass.
Practice the skill and make it your new strength.

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