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​Personal Development Programme

​Personal development programme

Personal development programme

It is important for you to engage in a personal development program.


Because, the world is changing rapidly; and so if you don't continue to develop your skills, they will soon become obsolete and of less and less value.

I saw an example of that yesterday

I met a man who was a trainer; similar to myself.

We got to talking about business and he soon revealed to me that he was struggling to make sales.

I asked him what his website statistics told him about the search trends of his potential buyers?

What was his site traffic? What were his rankings for key word searches, and what was his bounce rate?

He looked at me bewildered and told me that he was not interested in selling or marketing, that he found selling and marketing "boring", and that he was more interested , (in fact, he said he was passionate) about his training.

Not selling

"So how is it going for you?"

"Terrible. Terrible. I was wondering if you could give me any work."

I said to him:

"May I make a suggestion? May I suggest that you become less passionate about training and more passionate about selling and marketing?

"You must develop new sales skills. How do you sell if it is not through the web site?"

The man replied; "I sell from attending networking meetings."

I said, "And, when you go to networking meetings, do you meet lots of other training providers, who are in the same boat as you, hoping that they might get a good lead, from you?"

He said, "Mostly, yes."

I said, "I predict that you spend a lot of time in networking meetings, and you are getting poor results."

He said, "I spend most of my time networking".

I asked, "With other trainers?"

He replied, "Yes".

I said, "That method will no longer work. The reason is that: the world has changed in the last five years. The high street is struggling and the on line market is growing.

Amazon and Tesco are expanding. Stores that are using traditional sales formats are failing: Examples: Woolworth. HMV.

You must develop yourself and keep up with the changing environment.

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Personal Development Training

In order to improve your performance, you may need to develop your personal and professional skills: meaning: skills of communication, planning, prioritisation, motivation and personal confidence. If you want to learn more, then click here for personal development training.

This is not only in training services, but in all sectors

  • If you are a medic you must keep up with the new drug therapies.
  • If you are an accountant you must keep up with the new regulations.
  • If you are a mechanic you must keep up with the evolution in car design.

If you don't study and learn, then you will lose to someone who is studying and learning faster than you are.

What can you do?

1. Read your journals.

All industries have journals that are dedicated to the profession.

Read them.

2. Study the best people in your industry

If you are in any industry, there are people who are doing better than you.

What are they doing that you are not doing? Find out what they are doing differently.
What are they not doing?:

They are avoiding some errors that you are committing. Find out what they are not doing.

3. Use your own imagination

Think of new ways to improve. Ways that nobody else has ever thought of. You are the first one to try it.

Maybe you could be the next big thing.

4. Observe the people who are failing

It is a pity that failures don't give seminars.

If you know a person who is:
A nice person.

But is losing, because he keeps repeating the same mistakes every day.

Many people are not winning, because they repeat exactly the same errors, every single day.

Common errors repeated every day include:

  • Worrying too much.
  • Not planning ahead enough.
  • Using careless language.
  • Eating too much of the wrong foods.
  • Not giving enough praise, encouragement and appreciation.
  • Staying-up too late.
  • Not studying and not learning new skills.
  • Staying the same and not changing with the changing times.

5. We recommend that you replace bad habits with good discipline

Good disciplines means: the reverse of the above list:

  • Banish excessive worrying.
  • Plan ahead carefully.
  • Use only polite language.
  • Eat less of the wrong food.
  • Eat more of the right foods.
  • Giving copious praise, encouragement and appreciation.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Continually study and learn new skills.
  • Keep evolving and learn to adapt to the changing times.
  • It is important for you to engage in a personal development program.

Please follow this link for more information about our personal development programme

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