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Organisational Change

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Posted 15 February 2010 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

Personal Development Courses

We offer both:
• Bespoke in-house training.
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You may find the following will help with your change management skills.

Organisational change - Change is inevitable

You cannot avoid it.
Many people do not like change, because change creates uncertainty.
Then again, all improvements are change
Therefore even changes that are improvements can be unsettling to the majority.
"Better the devil you know" is a common expression
How can you make improvements and change more palatable?

Here are five points to bear in mind that will help you to manage change.

1. Actively Communicate the purpose for the change

Often, changes are made without the purpose of the change being made clear to those who have to implement the change.
As a result the changes are perceived as arbitrary and without sense, rhyme nor reason.
This makes change incomprehensible and the motivation to enact the changes will be zero.
Or even worse, the team will even sabotage the change process.

2. Make the method of change a good one

Build very good plans - in writing - and make sure the plans are practical and well thought out.
On TV, the star ship captain says "MAKE IT SO!" and the Task is done.
In reality, the company boss says "MAKE IT SO" and the team will say "With what, specifically?"
You had better have the answer ready, or else the change will seem similar to " Pie in the sky thinking and will de-motivate change, not inspire change.

3. Actively Encourage and support

Even if the change is

  1. For a good reason and
  2. Well designed

Change is still an unsettling experience for most people.
Therefore, you the manager, must continue to make supportive and encouraging speeches to the effect that:
"I know this change is difficult in the moment, but in the future, when we have the change installed, your life will be much better!"

Here is a truth that you must convey to the team:

The pain of change is forgotten when the benefits of change start to flow.

4. Allow spaces between changes

"Change fatigue" is a concept that denotes the metal exhaustion that teams suffer when they go through too many changes over an extended period.
We need time off the stress of change, to consolidate and evaluate the effectiveness of the new method.
If you keep swapping and changing every day, all systems and mental habits collapse and are replaced by chaos and depression.

So the proper process is:
Change, evaluate, change evaluate change


Change, change, changes and change again.

5. Remember that not all change is good.

All improvement is change.
But not all change is an improvement.
Make sure that all your changes are an improvement.
Not "change for change sake."
If you do all the above, then you will win!

For more information about change management training visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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