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A Neglected Time Management Training Skill

A Neglected Time Management Training Skill

A Neglected Time Management Training Skill

Sometimes, an obvious fact is not easy to see?

For example:

For centuries, many people did not know that the atmosphere even existed.

They thought the atmosphere was "nothing". We still say, " I can't make it out of thin air".

Meaning, "I cannot make something from nothing".

We don't see the obvious. It does not impinge on our senses because it is there all the time.


There is an obvious time management principle that is so self-evident we don't see it.

It is this: "Stop making stupid preventable mistakes".

Stupid preventable mistakes can (and do) cost you too much time and money.

And that wasted time; time spent correcting or recovering from the mistake, takes you away from more valuable constructive activity.

What is the definition of a stupid mistake?

A stupid mistake is one which was easily predictable and easily preventable.

They are often caused by:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Thoughtlessness
  • Laziness
  • Trying to go too quickly

Examples of each type

1. Lack of concentration

Absentmindedly, you drop your car keys down on the chair. Later, they slid down out of sight. In the morning, you cannot find them and are late for the meeting. So you don't make the sale. And all the previous three days of prospecting are wasted.

2. Thoughtlessness

You leave your mess lying around the office and a colleague loses his temper with you.. You have an argument and fall out. Things are said and it takes another three days for the working atmosphere to recover. What a waste.

3. Laziness

You can't be bothered to do your car maintenance. next week your car overheats due to lack of coolant. Next day, you need to take it to the mechanic to have it repaired. It costs you 15 times more than the coolant, AND you lost one day's use of the car.

Trying to go too quickly

You try to do the job too quickly and you don't notice the errors you've made on the document You send it out with the wrong figures on and the customers is accepts your offer at a lower price than you intended to ask. As a result, you lose money on the job. That is the definition of a stupid mistake Here is the solution (given to me by my classical guitar teacher) My teacher keeps saying to me "SLOW DOWN AND PLAY ONLY AT THE SPEED THAT ALLOWS YOU TO AVOID ALL STUPID MISTAKES" Then you won't

  1. Practice and embed your errors
  2. You will get into the habit of doing it right
  3. You will make haste, slowly
  4. You will speed up naturally, but will be doing it correctly

The Japanese management philosophy call this idea: "Right first time"

My guitar teacher calls it;

Make haste, slowly

By means of error elimination, by means of: "slowing down to the point where you stop making stupid mistakes".

In practice that means that:

Lack of concentration is replaced by Full concentration.

Thoughtlessness is replaced by Consideration of others.

Laziness is replaced by a High degree of activity.

Trying to go to quickly is replaced by Methodological practice


An obvious but neglected Time management training skill:

Slow down to the point where you stop making stupid mistakes.

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