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Managers and Leaders Need to be Confident and Optimistic During Tough Times

Managers and leaders need to be confident and optimistic during tough times

The emotions of confidence and optimism tend to improve performance.
They allow you to think and solve problems more effectively.

By contrast, the emotions of fear and pessimism reduce performance by interrupting the ability to think and solve problems.

When tough economic or market conditions arrive, they represent major problems.

So, it is AT THAT MOMENT, important to create MORE confidence and optimism.

In that way, you will maximise your chances of success, despite the difficulties.

Failure to manage your emotional state, and falling into the atmosphere of doubt, worry and fear, limits your abilities at the very moment you most need to access your abilities.

The leader managers must learn to manage their emotional states and become stronger, not weaker, in the face of adversity.

How to remain confident and strong:

Take the following ten definite steps:

1. Eat well: good nutrition is a must when you are under pressure.

  • Don't eat too much
  • Do not drink too much alcohol
  • Eat and drink good quality food in only moderate amounts

2. Sleep! Go to bed early and get up earlier, ready to hit the ground running.

  • DO NOT stay up late watching TV or overworking

3. Stop excessive exposure to the fear messages coming from the press.

  • Limit your exposure to the doom merchants on TV
  • Get the news, but separate facts from speculation and fear mongering

4. Fix your mind instead, on the achievement of goals you have set.

  • Fill your mind with ambition, not gloom.

5. Focus on what you ARE ABLE TO influence: i.e. the things that you can affect.

  • Do not focus your mind on things over which you have no influence

6. Talk your business up!

  • Tell people things are improving
  • DO NOT tell people you are worried, scared or broke!
  • Nobody wants to do business with someone who is telling them they may be out of business next month!

7. Formulate detailed action plans

  • Formulate detailed targets for each member of the team
  • Keep busy on solutions not problems

8. Believe and tell others that the current situation will not last and that better times are coming

  • Tell people the situation is much stronger than they think because politicians over dramatise in order to gain votes.

9. Tell people you believe things will be getting better for your business and that this time next year, we will be doing really well again.



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