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How to Write More Clearly

How to Write More Clearly

How to Write More Clearly

All writing is composed of sentences.

A sentence is "the linguistic expression of a complete thought".

To be a complete thought, a sentence requires a minimum of two words, the first is the subject, the second is the verb.

For example: Rex barks. "Rex" is the subject, ie what is being spoken of and "barks" is the verb, ie what Rex does.

Most sentences use more than two words, and to write them more clearly, we use the following structure:

Communication - Written Communication : How to Write More Clearly

  • The time: is when the action happens.
  • The place: is where the action happens.
  • The subject: is which person or thing we are thinking of.
  • The verb: is the subject's action (or state of being).
  • The object: The person or thing that is being acted upon.
  • The indirect object: is who or what is affected by the action, but is not the primary object.

Example of a sentence that uses this structure:

Communication - Written Communication : How to Write More Clearly

This structure is the clearest form: It is the easiest format to read and understand.

A clear sentence may be ruined by violating the correct format.

Look at the following sentence, which is written in the correct format:

Communication - Written Communication : How to Write More Clearly

Here is a faulty version

"The meeting of the board made the decision to make the payments to the labourers, which were agreed, this morning."

We can improve poorly constructed sentences by reorganising them to fit the format.

For example:

"The message to cancel the order was sent by our office, to the customer, three weeks ago, on the 23rd May. The email was sent to Mr Dobson".

Becomes: On 23rd May, Chris Farmer cancelled the order via email to Mr Dobson RGB Ltd.

Communication - Written Communication : How to Write More Clearly

I hope you find this idea useful.

About the Author: Chris Farmer


Chris Farmer is the founder of the Corporate Coach Group and has many years’ experience in training leaders and managers, in both the public and private sectors, to achieve their organisational goals, especially during tough economic times. He is also well aware of the disciplines and problems associated with running a business.

Over the years, Chris has designed and delivered thousands of training programmes and has coached and motivated many management teams, groups and individuals. His training programmes are both structured and clear, designed to help delegates organise their thinking and, wherever necessary, to improve their techniques and skills.

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