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How to Make the New Year your Best Year Ever

How to make the New Year your best year ever

Make the New Year your best year ever

New Year's Day is upon us, and once again, we look forward, into the New Year.

But when people look into the New Year, they can do so in two different ways.

  • Way one: with anticipation
  • Way two: with trepidation

When some people look into the future, they feel like a lone mariner looking into a foggy, moonless night. They cannot see what is ahead, and therefore, they fear the worst. They fear that they might hit something unforeseen, and their ship will sink, and they will be lost forever.

Therefore, Fearful Trepidation rules the waves.

When some other people look into the future, they feel like a person standing on top of the brow of a hill, on a bright sunny day, and surveying the land before them: they are charting their way across the valley and are looking forward to making good progress, and having lots of fun.

Therefore, Positive Anticipation is the order of the day.

Question: When you look into the future, do you look at the future with:

  • A sense of Positive anticipation or with;
  • A sense of Fearful trepidation.

If you are looking ahead with some fearful trepidation, and you don't like the feeling, then you need to change your approach:

Today, make some decisions that will cause you to look forward with positive anticipation and a sense of happiness.

You can choose to step into the next year in one of two conditions.

  1. With a clear, goal; and a definite plan of action, and a positive commitment to work the plan and achieve the goal. This creates a feeling of positive anticipation.
  2. Without any clear and definite goal, with no plan, and just hope that somehow, things will turn out okay for you. This mind set creates a feeling of fearful trepidation.

Right now, at the beginning of the New Year, is the best time to set your goals and build your plans for the coming year.

So, would you please, answer the following questions, in complete detail?

Question one: What goal do you want to achieve, within the next twelve months

What one thing, if you set your mind to achieving, would bring you the most progress, and would make the biggest difference to the quality of your life and the life of your family.

Question two: What are all the things you can think of doing, which would contribute to the achievement of the goal?

Write down a list of ten things, that you could do, that will start you towards making some progress, towards the goal, which you wrote at point one. This list is your embryonic plan of action.

Question three: What is the best logical order for the ten tasks that you have written out?

When you have the first action at step one, then today, schedule in your diary the date you will do that activity.

This process of writing out activities that will cause you to start making some progress, towards the goal, then ordering them into the best sequence, and then scheduling them into your diary to be done on a specific, named day, is a process that is almost magical.

It is magical in terms of what it will do to your success rate, your rate of progression, and it is also magical in terms of how it will make you feel about the future. It will generate, in your soul, a feeling of positive anticipation.

My goal for you is that, as you do the first item on your list of ten activities, you will now have nine left on your list. You need to, immediately, think of one more activity that you could do, that will help continue making some progress towards the goal you wrote at point one. Meaning; you should always have a list of ten things that you have yet to do, an ever-changing and evolving list of ten things, which tell you what you must do, to achieve the object of your desires.

In addition you always have in your diary, activities scheduled into your diary that directly relate to the achievement of your major goal. (As opposed to the "normal life, to-do list".)

Here is the point.
You will only feel excited about the New Year, if you have reasons to believe that the coming year will be a good one.

You will only think that you have reasons to believe that this year will be good, if and only if, there are, actually, such reasons to believe.

And here is the punch line: you can create such reasons to order.

You have it within your power to create reasons to believe that this year will be a good one, by taking the time to:

  • Figure out your goals for the year.
  • Figure out your plan, at least ten definite steps.
  • Figure out the order of the steps and schedule in the first one.
  • Commit to refilling your list of ten action steps, as you complete the tasks, over time.
  • Every day, review your list of the next ten steps, and schedule in your diary, the way ahead.

Do this every day for the next 365 days, and you will be amazed by the progress you will have made by the end of the year.

Happy New Year.

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