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How to Develop Persistence

Develop persistence

If you want to be more successful, then you will need to develop the quality of Persistence.
Persistence is the act of keeping on, keeping on, despite difficulties, setbacks, and defeats.

Not many people are truly persistent. The majority of people give up too soon in the face of difficulties and defeats.
Only a minority of people have enough persistence to keep going through thick and thin, to keep coming back stronger after a disaster.

Do you know how many times the average man has to fail before he allows himself to quit, to give up or to start pursuing a different goal?
Once? Twice? Three times?

How many times do you have to fail at a task before you decide to give up?
Once? Twice ? Three times?

Some people give up even before they start. These poor people never really amount to anything.
They tell themselves that they would like to win, but they think they can't, so they don't even make an attempt, and therefore lose before they even begin.

Some other people NEVER give in.
They don't take defeat seriously.
They have persistence.

Persistence is the key to all achievement

Would you agree that no great achievement can be gained without having to suffer setbacks, upsets, defeats and difficulties?
No great achievement is easy. If it were easy, it would not be a great achievement, would it?

The ability to come back after a defeat and to immediately recover your confidence and enthusiasm is one of the most important character traits that you could build into your brain.

An additional dose of Persistence could be the one thing you need to change your chances

The chances are that you already have sufficient intelligence. You are not too old, nor too young to achieve your goals. You have sufficient education, but you may lack the quality of persistence: Unrelenting persistence.

Putting the same point in different words; do you think that you may be guilty of giving up too soon?

Have you got previous convictions for losing confidence in your own ability?

Do you give up too soon?
Don't give up too soon.

All winners keep going until they win

Champions are champions because they keep going; in spite of many failed attempts.
Almost all successful individuals have had to put up with innumerable setbacks and defeats.
But the difference between the winners and the rest of us is that the winners come back stronger, after a defeat.
They don't believe in defeat; they take defeat as A Call To Arms.


Having extolled the virtues of persistence it is incumbent upon me to make this additional point clear.

There are two brands of persistence; one is good and the other is bad

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are two brands of persistence:

  • Determination
  • Stubbornness

Determination is good persistence. Stubbornness is bad persistence

Would you agree that the quality of determination is good? And would you agree that the quality of stubbornness is Bad? Both are forms of persistence.
We need to fully understand the difference between the two brands.

Persistence (determination)

This is the good brand, it means, "Commitment to the goal, no matter how many times I suffer temporary defeat and no matter how much time it takes me; I am determined to reach my goal."

This is the good form of persistence.

Persistence (stubbornness)

This is the bad brand, it means. "Even though my current methods aren't working, I am too old or too stubborn to change my ways. I am what I am, and I can't change, won't change. I will keep doing what I am doing forever; and fight any suggestion that I should alter my ways."

This is stubbornness and is a corrupted form of persistence.

Don't get the two mixed up.

Do you know anyone who is plain stubborn?

Their methods are obviously NOT working, and yet they refuse to make any changes to their habits of speech, thought and action. This is persistence gone wrong.

True persistence
Is determination to achieve the goal, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.
No matter how many changes I need to make to my current patterns of thought, speech and action; I am willing to learn, adapt and change, until I find the method that will work.

This is the quality you need to build into your brain.
If you do, nobody will be able to stop you from winning.

Invest in developing your persistence and your persistence will pay you back a thousand fold.

Nothing will stop you.

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