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Communication Skills - your Words Have an Awesome Power

Communication skills - Your words have an awesome power

Communication skills: Your words have an awesome power

Your words have an awesome power.
But your words can create, or destroy, your future.
It's all about the words.

To a very large degree, your future success will be dependent on how well you communicate.

You communicate with your body and you communicate with your words. Now, I know that your body language has a lot to do with it. I know that charismatic body language and good-looks can make you attractive and even famous; but let us assume, just for the moment, that you don't look like Brad Pitt, or George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston or Naomi Campbell. Film star good looks, are not really, your thing!

Let us assume, too, that you are not gifted with an amazing natural talent: that you don't sing like Pavarotti nor dance like Fred Astaire.

Let us assume that you are like most of us, a regular looking person, better than some, in some areas, not as good as others, in other areas. Let us assume that you cannot rely on your film star celebrity status to pull you through the tough times.

So, if it is not your film star celebrity status that will pull you through, what will pull you through?

Answer: Your power of communication.

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Your power of communication

Particularly your power to use language.

Your ability to use language is your most potent tool to improve the rate of your progress.
Because words have an awesome power.

The most powerful people on the planet are the professional communicators.
President Obama is first and foremost, a professional communicator.
David Cameron is a professional communicator.

So too, was:

  • Muhammad Ali was a communicator: Good with words.
  • JFK was a communicator: Good with words.
  • Ghandi was a communicator: Very good with words.

You, too, need to be, good with words!

Your mission, in life, is to succeed; and in order to succeed you will need additional skills.

The first skill for you to work on is your language skills

If you develop your ability to use language, in order to express your meaning in a clear, unambiguous, convincing and interesting manner, then your life path will be smoother and your progress will be more rapid.

But on the other hand, if you just blunder along, being careless in your choice of words, and if by so doing you keep creating unnecessary misunderstandings, upsets, anger, confusion, arguments and errors, then your life path will be an endless uphill struggle and your progress will be painfully slow.

How sad!

Most people never stop to consider the power that their own words have over their own outcomes

If they have a bad day, it never occurs to most people, to analyse the way they spoke to others, to see if there was anything in their own use of language, that made the bad situation, worse.

The way you use words will make an enormous difference to the final outcome of the current problematic situation that you are facing.

Be careful of what you say, and how you say it

Words have an awesome power. But it is a power to create, and to destroy.

Example of words that destroy

In a meeting last week, I heard a man, called Adam, use one word that destroyed his working relationship with his manager, a lady called Brenda. Adam called Brenda, "an idiot". And he said it in a meeting in front of the team, and he said it with a passion!

The net result was an explosion of "high energy negative emotion" that wrecked the meeting and put the project they were jointly working on, in jeopardy.

Question: Tactically, for Adam, was calling Brenda, "an idiot", an example of the "skilled use of language"?

Answer: No. Not really.

Example of constructive use of language

Here is one of the best phrases in the English language. Read it. Memorise it. And use it every day from now on.

"Thank you very much for (Blank). I appreciate it."

If a waiter brings the coffee to your table, say to him, "Thank you very much for (bringing my coffee). I appreciate it."

If the supplier delivers the goods right to the door, say, "Thank you very much, for (bringing it all the way to the door). I appreciate it."

Give people the verbal appreciation they deserve.

Here is the truth:

The lack of verbal appreciation is the cause of many conflicts

Give people verbal appreciation and praise and they will bend over backwards to be helpful.

If you fail to give verbal appreciation and praise to people who do a good job, you will notice a steady and consistent decrease in their willingness to deal with you.

People need verbal appreciation and praise, as much, if not more, than they need money.

Another example.

Good example of constructive use of language. Again, read it. Memorise it. And use it every day from now on.

"Would you please.....?"

Don't say, "Shut the door."
Do say, "Would you please,.....shut the door".

Don't say, "Polly, put the kettle on."
Do say, "Polly, would you please,.....put the kettle on".

Don't say, "Put the gun down, and step back!"
Do say, "Would you please ... Put the gun down and step back?"

All master communicators know that they need to gain the cooperative assistance of others. So the leaders are careful to be courteous.

Check the good communicators. They are courteous people. They are careful of their use of language.

All champions are careful about how they use language

If you want to be a champion, then become more careful how you use the awesome power of your own language.
Remember that, the way you use language will make an enormous difference to your final outcome.

Think about it.

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