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Goals Need Deadlines

Goals Need Deadlines

Goals Need Deadlines

It is important to put a deadline on your goal.

A deadline is the date by which you think you could accomplish your goal.

A deadline is important because, if you don't put a deadline on your goal, then there will be no sense of urgency. With no deadline, there will be a temptation to procrastinate; to put off starting the pursuit of your goal.

Deadlines provide you with a sense of urgency. Without a sense of urgency, then you can always say to yourself, "There is plenty of time, I'll start tomorrow".

A deadline limits the time available and gives you a sense of emotional pressure towards the attainment of your goal.

A goal without a deadline is dead.

If you don't set a deadline, then your chances of achieving your goal is reduced.

If you want to progress, then you must set a clear, reasonable, yet optimistic deadline.

Clear, reasonable and optimistic.

The deadline must be clearly stated.

The deadline marks a clear time line. Your deadline should be precise: you should give an exact date, or time. Your deadline should not be an approximation or an equivocation.

Your deadline should sound something like this, "By the end of 31st March of next year, I will have achieved my target".

It should not sound like this, "Sometime next spring I will achieve my target"

The mind cannot hit a target it cannot see. And the more clearly the mind can see, and understand the target, the more motivation you will feel.

The deadline should be reasonable.

The deadline should be reasonable, which means, well worked out, using all the available evidence. The deadline is NOT a mere guess, or a wish, or an arbitrary date plucked out of the air, at random. The deadline needs to be considered; it needs to be calculated and worked out rationally.

If anyone is given a goal and they honestly feel that the deadline is unreasonable; it is too short; or impossible, then, rather than motivating the person to step-up to the task, there is an opposite reaction.

The deadline must be perceived to be achievable. Reasonable. But with a pinch of optimism.

The deadline should be optimistic.

Even though we have said the deadline must be perceived as predominantly reasonable, there should also be a pinch of optimism. Optimism means, acting as if things would go well, then what would be the deadline? The purpose of optimism is to pour on the pressure and to make sure that you do not allow yourself too much leeway.

If you are too soft on yourself, you will tend to let things slide.


Because humans tend to want to do the least work possible. They like to save energy. Which is fine, but if you save too much energy you won't do anything.

So, spice up your life by adding a pinch of optimism to your deadline.


Your goal needs a deadline.

The deadline should be clearly stated, and reasonably optimistic.

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