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15 Leadership Qualities

15 Leadership Qualities

15 Leadership qualities

There are certain must-have qualities that are associated with success; meaning that; if you want to be more successful, then you need to develop a broader set of success qualities, or traits, or characteristics, that will combine together, in such a way, so as to make your decisions wise, your actions effective, and your progress rapid.

What are these must-have, Leadership Success Qualities?

The Leadership Success Qualities include the following list:

  1. Excellent communication. Are you able to communicate your message so that there is little chance of misunderstanding or error, or miscommunication? Yes or no?
  2. A great planner. To what degree do you plan ahead, and make everything ready, before the event?
  3. Willing to make a decision. To what degree are you willing to make a decision, or are you too afraid to make a decision, for fear of making a bad one?
  4. A person willing to act on your own personal initiative. To what degree are you willing to act, to improve a situation, without anyone else asking or telling to do it. Or are you more likely to wait for someone to tell you what to do. Are you afraid of using your initiative for fear of "getting into trouble?"
  5. Willing to get up early and work hard. Are you willing to put in the hours? Or do you stay in bed until the last possible moment?
  6. A person with the ability to work well with other members of the team, including those members that you may not much like. Are you able to work with people you don't like, in a cooperative manner, or are you combative: do you enjoy the thrill of a good fight?
  7. A person of Resilience. Are you oversensitive to criticism, or are you tougher skinned and able to handle fair criticism?
  8. A person with good a Knowledge base. Are you up to date and fully knowledgeable in the facts relating to your work? Or have you allowed yourself to get behind in the latest developments in your chosen field of endeavour.
  9. The ability to learn from mistakes. When you make a mistake do you hide it, or do you blame it on others, or do you analyse it for the learning lesson it contains? If you want to be a champion, then you need to develop the capacity to learn a lesson from every error you make. Don't repeat the same mistakes.
  10. The ability to take instruction and not to act as if you know it all. To what degree are you able to take corrective instruction from others? Are you able to take instruction from people lower down the social hierarchy than you? To what degree does your pride, or ego, limit your ability to learn from others?
  11. The ability to write well. Can you right good? Or is your righting rubbish?
  12. The ability to listen and remember what you hear. Are you able to remember what you hear? Or does information go in one ear, and out the other?
  13. The ability to moderate your language when you are angry or upset. Are you able to control your temper? And if not, are you able to control your language when you are in a bad mood. If you cannot control either temper or your tongue, then you are probably labouring under a heavy disadvantage.
  14. The ability to bounce back and come back stronger, for just one more round. Following a defeat or series of setbacks, are you able to come back stronger? Or do you run away, hide yourself away and lick your emotional wounds, and vow never to try that again.
  15. Let us agree that life is full of disappointments, defeats and setbacks. IF you don't know how to handle them, then you will never keep going long enough to win. Never give in. Never, never, never. Always come back from defeat, with an improved plan of action, and a commitment to try one more time. Try one more time using your new, improved method that was forged in the fires of your failures.

You need the ability to persist, if necessary alone, if necessary for years, without giving up, until the job is done.

Make persistence the pivot point of your power.

The above is an imposing list.

Question do you have these qualities: and if yes, then play to your greatest strengths.

And if "No", then work on your most glaring weakness.

Only through evolutionary progression will your final victory come.

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