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Do you Need Time Management Training

Do you need time management training

Time management

Many people do because many people do not plan ahead.
They are too busy mopping up after the mistakes caused by a previous lack of planning.
Make a mental shift from the immediate moment into the middle future.
You need to be thinking now about things needed for next year.
That will require planning.

And planning takes effort and an act of will.

It may also takes training.

Each individual must learn the principles of prioritising to allow time to plan.

What happens to people who are disorganised in their use of time?

How do you evaluate what task to do next?

Time management is finding the most valuable task from many.

That means you need to make good evaluations. The quality of the evaluation depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Some questions are good time management questions that will lead us to good decisions.

And some are not.

I asked a group of delegates "What questions run through your mind when you are deciding your next task?" Here is a list of some of those questions.

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Time Management Training

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Which ones are good questions, and which ones are not?

  1. Is there anything more fun?
  2. Is this important to the organisation?
  3. What would be the consequences if I put this off?
  4. How urgent is this?
  5. Do I enjoy this task?
  6. When must this be finished?
  7. Was this person horrible to me in the past?
  8. How much will this contribute to the overall purpose?
  9. Is the person giving me this job good looking?
  10. Is this short, medium or long-term benefit?
  11. Do I feel like doing this?
  12. Are you my boss?

Three implications for leader-managers

As a planner you might want to keep these ideas in mind:

  1. As a rational planner I use logic to determine the correct order of tasks.
  2. From now on, I will strive to do what I know I should do, even if I don't feel like it.
  3. I evaluate the task, not the person asking me to do the task. (I.e. My feelings towards the person giving me the task is not the way I judge when, or if, I will do the task")

What happens to a person who habitually does the tasks he likes first, and puts off the tasks he does not like?

What happens to a person who prioritises tasks according to how they feel towards the person for whom the task is intended? (i.e. They do the task according to likeability of the askers, not the value of the task).

For more information about time management training visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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