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Continuous Improvement Training

Continuous Improvement Training Course - 1 Day

Continuous improvement shows how to translate a desire for better results into a practical reality.

Continuous improvement training teaches us that we achieve big improvements by making small improvements: Every day we look for multiple, simple, easy steps that accumulate over time.

This one-day training course will help you reap the benefits of continuous improvement. You will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes, that will make Continuous improvement a reality for you and your teams.

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What is Continuous Improvement Training?

Continuous improvement training teaches a system that leads to an evolutionary development of every aspect of your organisation, its products, services and methods. Continuous improvement training teaches how to act today to make things better tomorrow.

If we want our current situation to improve, then we must do something to cause it to happen.
The action is not random nor fragmented; it is systematic and purposeful.

Continuous improvement is a system of ideas that results in an evolutionary progression by making innumerable, “baby steps”.

It is important because we live in a competitive world. What was good enough last year, (last month) is NOT good enough today. Staying the same = failure, because the surrounding context is always moving. If an organisation does not improve fast enough, it will quickly fall behind the evolutionary curve and become extinct.

To secure our future, we need to embrace continuous improvement.

Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Our Continuous Improvement Course is rated based on 461 reviews. More Customer Reviews >
The course content was clear, concise and retained my interest throughout. Have been on numerous courses of similar nature, but this is one of the best. The trainer's presentation was engaging and focused. Good energy!
I would recommend the course to my peers. It was entertaining and interesting. Gave examples where you can stop and think how it affects you. Asked lots of rhetorical questions, which is required to make you think. Examples provided will defini... [Read More]

Course Overview - Continuous Improvement Training

We have divided this course into four sections.

Continuous improvement is a state of mind

Many people are only dimly aware of the concept of continuous improvement. Many people have the idea that improvement is a result of government action or decisions made by “the management”.

Many people don’t feel inclined nor empowered to “start where they stand”, and to improve those things that lay within their immediate vicinity.

Continuous improvement is the idea that we are all responsible for “our piece”. We can all contribute. If we each took just “one small step” then that would mean a “giant leap” for all of us.

Continuous improvement is an expression of a positive mental attitude.

Continuous improvement is a definite process

The general principle is easy to understand. The practical application of the principle is just as easy.

Continuous improvement is a circular model made up of only five major parts: Purpose, plan, action, feedback change.

Only five words to learn, fully understand and then implement.

Continuous improvement as a set of definite skills

The five basic concepts, Goal, plan, action, feedback, change, each contain a set of definite personal skills, that combine to make your continuous progress inevitable.

We will look at each skill set, and we will understand how to: Define clear goals; Build practical plans; Take priority action; Monitor recent feedback results; Immediately correct what is NOT good; and Systematically improve upon what is already good.

We would like to go, from good to great, and from great to “the best on the planet”.

Application of continuous improvement to your own practice

Now we have the concepts, skills and language of continuous improvement, we apply them to our own context. We explain how we could each “add value” to the whole by making small, easy, incremental evolutionary steps forward.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Continually improve your team’s ability to get better results
  • Create and sustain a progressive culture
  • Improve your communication; make it more future focused
  • Improve your ability to solve problems before they can occur
  • Banish the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” mentality
  • Improve your invention, innovation and creativity
  • Harness the power of continuous improvement

Course Details - Continuous Improvement Training

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In-House Training Course Pricing and Proposal

This course is available from just £1,950 +VAT per day as a bespoke in-house group training course in the UK and worldwide.

It has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs. In-House Group training costs from just £1,950 +VAT per day (international training price varies). Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if necessary. (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

This price includes:

  • Quality training delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Full days training
  • Full colour course handbook
  • Preparation work
  • Travel costs and time
  • Written action plan to take away
  • Access to our post course portal
  • Access to our on-line leadership and management decision matrix templates and tools
  • Plus three months FREE telephone coaching to answer any on-going questions

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