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What is Self-Development?

What is Self-development?

What is Self-development?

Definition of Self-development:

Self-development is the conscious and continuous effort, to improve oneself in all areas; mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and financially.

Self-development starts with developing "the right mind-set", because it is your mindset that determines everything you say and everything you do. Therefore, your mind-set is the primary-cause of the results you are likely to create.

Secondly, self-development includes the development of your practical skills, such as personal communication skills, organisational skills, and building productive relationships.

You live in a society and not on a desert island, therefore, it is imperative that you are able to build successful relationships with others. Therefore, self-development has a strong "social skills" component.

In addition, self-development includes the development of your physical body and its powers, such as physical strength, endurance, health, vitality, energy. Energy is needed to achieve anything; therefore, self-development relates to the development of the physical side of your nature.

The final level of self-development returns to the higher levels of the mind. It means developing mental skills such as memory, music, artistic expression, literature, logic and philosophical reasoning.

Personal Development : What is Self-development?

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