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Personal Management

Personal Management

  1. Live life on your own terms
    a. Don't be a victim
  2. Realise that you can control only one thing: The content of your mind.
    a. Control the content of your mind.
    b. Don't let just any idea remain in your mind.
  3. Realise that any setback contains the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit. Look for it.
  4. Close the door on past mistakes. Learn the lesson and move on! The past is gone forever. Its ghosts cannot get you!
  5. Associate only with those people who are a positive influence on you and lead you upwards. Gently, move away and spend less time associating with those who are a negative influence and bring your down either physically or emotionally.
  6. Take a piece of paper and write a list of five things you want to achieve within 365 days from now.
  7. Name the person who is the "best living person" according to your own opinion and your own standard of what "the best" may mean.
    a. Then make a list of qualities this person has which make them "the best".
    b. Then pick two of the most impressive qualities.
    c. Then resolve to incorporate them into your own character.
  8. Use your words to purposefully inspire others around you. Encourage and praise others at every opportunity. Don't accidentally or maliciously use your words to hurt, insult or degrade another.
  9. Recognise that it is not temporary defeat that beats you. It is mistaking temporary defeat as permanent failure that will bury you. Resolve to bounce back stronger from every defeat. Call them "temporary setbacks".
  10. If you do not like your present position, make it your goal to identify the work that better suits your natural talents and interests. It is up to you to find your "labour of love".
  11. If you are stuck on a particular problem that you have been wrestling with for hours, break off and start work on something you are able make progress on. This will help you to regain your enthusiasm. As you work on the second problem, the solution to the original problem will likely "pop" into your head as if from nowhere. This is because your subconscious mind is able to continue analyse any problem that you set it, even as you sleep and deliver to you the fruits of its creative nature. Try it.
  12. Take an inventory of your assets and include the fact that you possess a sound mind that is capable of achieving any goal that you set it.
  13. Make peace with any person you have offended or wronged. Communicate your apologies to anyone you have offended.
  14. Improve the quality of your work. Improve your QQS rating.
  15. List five of your bad habits (the worst five) and resolve to break them one by one. Break your worst habit.
    Name five of your worst habits.
    Then pick the one worst one.
    Then name its opposite.
    Commit to breaking the bad habit and replace it with its opposite virtue.
  16. Recognise the fact that nobody can hurt your feelings without your consent. Remember that nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission.
  17. Eliminate self-pity. It makes you sound weak and causes people to rapidly lose respect for you. Replace it with a goal, a plan and alliance and some action. Self-pity makes you look a pathetic child. Replace any self-pity with determination to improve the situation.
  18. Remember that you are the person you can and should rely on to be your best ally. There are too many who when they look in the mirror see their worst enemy, the person who does the most to prevent them from succeeding. When you look in the mirror ensure the person you see is an asset, not a liability. You are the one person you can and should rely on to be your best friend. Putting the same point in the other way, you are the one person who should never do anything harmful to your best interests. Never engage in self-destructive actions.
  19. Many times those experiences that you regard as a setback eventfully prove to be a blessing. So the next time you have a setback, assume it is a blessing and search for the deeper meaning. If you cannot find one, recognise that the blessing is only apparent after years after the story has had time to evolve. Remember that bad experiences have a way of turning out to be the best, when re considered years after. So next time disaster strikes, don't judge it yet. It is actually a blessing that has been heavily disguised!
  20. Divert the urge to control others into a powerful urge to control yourself.
  21. Fill your mind with so many goals plans ambitions and desires, that it has no time for fear.
  22. Find a valuable dividend from every day. Even if it a realisation you already possess more than you need to survive in comfort.
  23. Go in style: resolve only to read the best books, listen to the best music, and eat the best nutrition: there is not enough time for you to read all the good skip the trash!
  24. Refuse to heed advice from anyone unless:
    It stands the test of reason and
    The person can demonstrate or prove it is true or
    The person can show he/she is qualified to give that advice.
  25. Your personal power is not based on your material possessions but rather on your character and skill.
  26. Exert your physical body at least twice per week to keep in in good condition.
  27. Create a team. Because no mind is complete You can't succeed on your own!. No one individual has sufficient energy, time, talent, education, brains or motivation.
  28. To achieve anything really big, you need the talents, experience, enthusiasm and natural ability of other minds.
  29. If you learn to sell yourself and your message, can have everything that you want. If you don't, you have nothing!
    Are you a good "sales person"?
  30. Don't cheat yourself by doing less than you are able.Many people have a "can't be bothered" attitude. This alone is enough to kill off all chances of achieving success and health and happiness. Give yourself the greatest chance of having the best you can by means of doing the best you can!

How often do you say "I would, but I can't be bothered"?

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