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Leadership Training Question

Leadership training question

Leadership training question

I recently had a conversation with a manager from a service sector organisation.

Her name was Susan. She was a senior manager with a problem.

I asked "What is troubling you, Susan?"

She frowned and said "We have several managers that need to hold interviews with colleagues in regard to the colleague's breaches of standards.

These interviews have, on certain occasions, been badly handled. For example: one person holding an interview seemed to prejudge the issue and failed to ask the correct questions.

Therefore, we have identified the need for several managers to be shown how to hold a proper interview, using the correct techniques."

I said "It is becoming a common problem."

Susan asked "What are the points to bear in mind?"

I said "Susan, there many points to bear in mind. Let me give you four points to ponder....

  1. Be more OBJECTIVE, and less SUBJECTIVE when holding an interview.
  2. Learn how to gain specific information.
  3. Learn how to listen for contradictions.
  4. Learn how to take accurate written notes of the interview.

Let me give you some notes on these.....

More OBJECTIVE and less SUBJECTIVE when holding an interview.

Objective language is factual language- not emotional language.

Stick to facts

Don't allow any anger or frustration to enter the interview room with you.

If you become emotional and angry, you will mess the interview.

Learn how to gain specific information.

Demand specific information.

Don't accept vague descriptions

The easiest way to do that is to ask for numbers.

How much how many how long questions are good.

For example He says "I waited for him for a long time before I left to come home" You ask "For how many minutes did you wait?"

Learn how to listen for contradictions.

To listen for contradictions.

A contradiction is where one thing is asserted, and then it is later denied. For example the person says "I am on a diet"

Then later he admits "I ate some lovely flapjacks cakes last night. They were so nice I had five pieces!"

In an interview situation, you must notice any contradictory explanations. Contradictions are evidence of

  1. Error, or
  2. Evasion, or
  3. Lying

Don't let contradictions pass unnoticed.

To take accurate notes of the interview.

Remember that when the meeting has finished, the written notes you have represent the meeting.

If your notes are terrible, then the meeting was terrible (even if it was a good meeting).

Here is the thing to remember:

  1. Some people can make written notes and ask intelligent questions and listen at the same time.
  2. Some people cannot make written notes; ask intelligent questions and listen all at the same time.

If you are part of the second group, you have four alternatives you have a problem. Pick one from the following four options.

  1. DO NOT permit yourself to be the interviewer. You are not up to the job.
  2. Learn how to make written notes and ask intelligent questions and listen at the same time.
  3. Have a second person with you, who will take the notes.
  4. Tape record the interview (with the consent of the interviewee)

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