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Leadership Training - Leadership Qualities

Leadership training - Leadership qualities

Leadership training: Leadership qualities

Definite purpose

The beginning point of all achievement is the setting of the goal.

  • Ships without a rudder are directionless and are bound to flounder.
  • People without a purpose are directionless and are bound to flounder.

Decide what you want for your future and how you might attain the object of your desires.

Then start to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.

  • You will not get what you need.
  • You will only get what you are prepared to work for.

Decide to act to achieve your goals.

Don't wait until tomorrow.

Do it today.

Personal initiative

All successful people act on their own personal initiative.

If you want to be more successful, then you must act on your own initiative.

If you fail to act- then you will fail.

But before you act, know the nature and purpose of your action.


Self Confidence is the state of mind which you may develop by an act of will.

Self Confidence is a feeling that flows from the thought that you are fully capable of achieving your goals.

Confidence and fear are opposite emotions that flow from the same source.

That source is the thoughts that you allow to dominate in your mind.

If you allow thoughts of fear to dominate in your mind, then you will feel fear.

If you allow only thoughts of the successful achievement of your goal to occupy your mind, then you will feel only confidence.

Team work and cooperation

Team work consists of an alliance of two or more people working together in a spirit of cooperation in order to attain a shared purpose.

When you have the cooperation of other people, then you maximise the chances of your success.

Because; you can't succeed on your own.

Why not?
Because you don't know enough to be good at everything; and even if you did, you wouldn't have the time to do everything.

Therefore, you need the cooperation, the effort, the brains, the education, the creative energy of other people.

In order to achieve that, you must become the kind of person capable of working cooperatively with others.

And you must be the kind of person that other people will want to work with.

Uncooperative and disruptive habits of thought, language and action will be counterproductive to your own progression.

Cooperative and helpful habits on the other hand, will be productive, and will assist you in your quest for life's riches.

Go the extra mile

If you do the least that you can get away with, then you won't win a good reputation in the marketplace.

If you do only what is expected, but no more, then you won't stand out in the marketplace.

You will draw favourable attention to yourself, only if your performance is better than the average.

If you want better than average income, then you must create better than average performance.

Therefore, don't be afraid to go the extra mile.

Don't be afraid to give your best performance

Place your performance into the top 16% of the population and you will see your income and progression reflect the extra effort.

Do more valuable work. And you will become a more valuable person.

Neglect your work, and you will be shunned by all those around you.

Go the extra mile.

Develop a friendly personally

Your personality is the sum total of all your thoughts.

Just as a plant springs from its seed, so every step you take, and every move that you make, springs from the hidden thought seed in your mind.

If your mind has thoughts of a harmonious and friendly nature, then your personality will take on the colour consistent with those thoughts.

But if your mind is full of thoughts of anger, bitterness, revenge and resentment, then your personality will take on a darker colour and will repel others and so cause you to fail.

Then failure will follow you like a dark shadow, and you may then feel that the world has got it in for you.

This thought will trigger more thoughts of bitterness and anger and so an endless cycle of failure breeding more failure is entrenched.

Conversely, if your mind is full of optimistic, energetic, confident and friendly thoughts, then your personality will take on an attractive hue that will attract success.

The success will give you more evidence to justify your earlier optimism and confidence.

Thus a positive cycle of endless summers is entrenched.

  • Thoughts in the mind have made you
  • What you are by thought,
  • Was wrought o You are not what you think you are
  • But what you think,
  • You are.


Self-discipline is that steel that forms the framework of your soul.

Without self-discipline....

You would shudder at the sight of a spider.
You would buckle at the slightest load.
You would run at the first signs of danger.
You would scream if you stepped on a toad.

With self-discipline...

You have the strength, to never surrender,
At the sight of your most dangerous foes.
And you can stop, from crying in anguish,
When you've stubbed, all ten of your toes.


Self-disciplines out of favour
It's not cool to "stick to your guns"
It's cooler to "fall in with the others"
To go wherever the majority runs.

But leaders are leaders by nature.

They don't necessarily run with the pack.
They march by the beat of their own drum.
They're the ones who will lead the attack.
So don't shrink from the discipline of labour,
Don't wonder "When is the next break?"
Leaders know what works in their favour.
And they know their whole life is at stake.

Self-discipline is life's major asset

Your ace in the pack, and your grace.
So develop a self-discipline-backbone.
And let it show in your face!

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