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The way you feel today is dependent on what you think about.

  1. If you have a mind filled with thoughts of doom and impending disaster, then you will feel anxious and worried.
  2. If you have a mind filled with thoughts of future success and achievement, you will feel stronger and more confident.

So it is important to plant the seeds of optimism into your brain, and into the brains of others, so that seeds might flourish and produce a more positive attitude.

This attitude will be reflected in every action you make - and it will affect your end result.

A question for you:

What specific thoughts should you implant into your brain that will create optimism and strength?

Here are four thoughts to consider:

  1. I will improve all that I am able.
  2. I will write meticulous action plans.
  3. I will remember: I already own everything of true value
  4. I know that my future is excellent Let us consider each one.

Today, I will improve everything that I am able.

There are two classes of things:

  1. Things I can do something about.
  2. Things I cannot do anything about.

I will not waste valuable time thinking about those things over which I have no control and can do nothing about.

Instead, I will pour all my energy into those things over which I can control-or at least influence. I will focus on the things I can do something about.

When I do that, I am making the best use of my time and effort.

I will write meticulous action plans.

Many people in our society don't have well written action-plans.

So, many people are driven by events and circumstances.

The most effective people operate according to their plan: they are not driven by events.

I will sit down tonight and build detailed plans for the next three weeks.

I already have everything of greatest true value

All the things of greatest value, are the things you already pose's.

Examples of high value items:

  1. Clean water
  2. Abundant food
  3. Warm house
  4. Your health
  5. Your family
  6. Your education
  7. Hope for the future

I will not allow my present difficulties to blind me to the benefits of the greatest values I already own.

The majority of the population of the planet would consider my lifestyle worthy of a king.

I know that my future is excellent.

No matter what troubles I am facing: I hold faith that my future has good things in store for me.

I know that to be true because I will continue to:

  1. Improve all that I am able.
  2. Write meticulous action plans.
  3. Will remember: I already own everything of true value.

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