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How to Create More Self-Confidence and Energy

How to create more self-confidence and energy

How to create more self-confidence and energy

Self-confidence is the result of believing that you DO possess the necessary attributes that will allow you to successfully achieve the tasks that you must.

Self-confidence then is based on self-belief.

  • If you believe that you will win then your confidence increases.
  • If you believe that you won't win then your confidence decreases.

You can gain self-confidence by two means;

  1. Improving your knowledge of the situation, and/or
  2. Improving your self-image.

Development opportunity

Each day commit to learning more about the specialist field relating directly to your profession.

  • If you are a police officer, then study your police powers.
  • If you are a sales person, then study your product specifications and limitations.
  • If you are a social worker, then study the law relating to social work.
  • If you are a student, then study your chosen topics.

Then, as your knowledge-bank grows you will have sufficient evidence to base a firm conviction and belief that you will win:
A belief NOT based on "faith" (faith being "belief even in the absence of evidence") but rather, on hard fact.
The fact is: you know your stuff.
The role of energy in attitudinal training

Energy is the key to every situation.
Without energy you have nothing.
Energy is defined as "the capacity to do work".

A positive attitude requires that you have sufficient energy.

Do you have the right diet and exercise programmes to supply the energy that you need?

You may not have the right diet and exercise programmes that will promote good health and high levels of energy.

Remember that without energy you can have nothing else.

Your profession requires a great deal of mental and physical energy.

That needs to be created by proper nutrition and sufficient exercise.

It means that:

  1. You eat, drink and do the right things and, in addition:
  2. You fastidiously avoid all the wrong things!

The truth is this:

Your emotional state is governed only by two things:

  1. What you think about, ( your psychology) and
  2. The chemical and mechanical state of your physical body.

In order to feel positive, you must be psychologically and physiologically healthy.

And thus be able to create an abundance of energy.

Health and energy are products of your diet and exercise habits.

If you have poor diet and exercise habits you will not have enough energy to be in good spirits.

Resolve now to make positive changes in your diet by the following methods: -

Reduce the amount of bad foods you eat

Reduce, as much as possible (as close to zero consumption as is possible) all social drug use, (alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis etc.).

And simultaneously

Increase the amount of fruit, vegetables and fish.

Physical exercise

Resolve now, to add at least one form of physical exercise that is either:

  1. A form of strength conditioning, weights or swimming, or
  2. A form of aerobic conditioning, jogging, walking, or tennis.

Your psychology: Shield yourself from negative influences

You may not have any explicit methods to shield yourself from the negative influences that surround you.

This is dangerous to you because negative influences do have the power to undermine your feelings of desire, belief and confidence for the future.

That in itself is enough kill off your chances because then you will not even try.

The negative influences we are referring to are the following

  1. Fear induced by TV "news" ("By 2030 the planet will die ......)
  2. Fear induced by politicians ("Vote for me if you want to live....")
  3. Fear induced by well-meaning relatives and friends ("I wouldn't risk it. It will not work - what makes you think you can do it?")

Become more "emotionally resilient "

Having methods to shield yourself from negative influences makes you more emotionally resilient. You will need to be resilient in order to weather the storms that will inevitably come your way.

Build shields against the negative influences and replace them with positive influences.

  1. Switch off the fear sellers and replace them with voices that promote a more optimistic vision of the future.
  2. Walk away from the "pity party" and set up camp with a new, smaller group, of ambitious optimistic folks.
  3. Do not listen to well-meaning family members who still see you as you used to be, not how you want to be.
  4. Depression induced by depressed co-workers ("The management round here don't live in the real world!")

Three kinds of people

In regard to inspiring positive feelings in others, there are three kinds of people:

The first kind

The first kind, are those people who can and do inspire others, towards the positive.

People of this type will always raise your spirits, no matter what the situation and no matter what kind of day they are having.

They are careful and recognise the need to be a source of inspiration to others.

Claim to be that kind of person.

The second kind

The second kind is the person who is up one minute down the next:


On a good day, they are great, on a bad day they are equally terrible: unpredictable: moody!

Claim you are not like this.

The third kind

The third kind is predicable ..............but they are predictably depressed, cynical and unhappy.

No matter what is going on, you can be sure they can suck the life out of the project with cynical doom laden pessimism.

Claim you are never like this.

Become the positive person who has the ability to inspire others.

Develop this skill in the following way:

  1. Talk of the future not the past.
  2. Claim that we can, and think of practical plans to achieve it.
  3. When you are criticising other peoples plans be sure to give them a practical alternative, which can take the place of the plan you are criticising (Don't just tell them what cannot be done, tell them what CAN be done).
  4. Seek out those people who are cynics and promote them to the role of "critical thinker".

(Don't try to make a cynic an optimist: he will never make it).

If, having read this document you may like to discuss any aspect of these issues, please contact us.

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