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How to Build Successful Teams

How to build successful teams

Success is not an event

It is a process

It is a five-part process that can be boiled down to five steps:

  1. Purpose
  2. Plan
  3. Action
  4. Feedback
  5. Change

Let's look at the five part Thomas Edison Success formula:

1. Define and clarify your purpose

Clarify your purpose in clear written statements that you review and affirm every day. Be as specific as possible. Let people know what you want. Become serious about your own success.

2. Formulate your best plan in writing

Gather the best information available and formulate a detailed written plan. The written plan acts as a blueprint for action. Writing the plan forces you to think more accurately It allows you to communicate the plan to others more effectively.

3.Take decisive action on the plan

The plan is only a guide to action. Gather your courage and implement your plan with determination. Remember, a plan will not work unless you do!

4. Be sensitive to the feedback results your current actions are creating

Perfect knowledge is impossible, so most plans do not work first time. Notice where your current actions are "on target" and where you are "off target". Then party or ponder. Never mistake temporary loss for final defeat. Instead, regroup, ponder the meaning of the result and come back stronger with a better plan.

Ponder the meaning of setbacks and criticism

When you are criticised; don't get angry, get serious! Ask three questions Is the criticism true? If the criticism is true (or partially true) what does it mean for my long term success? How can I use this information to adapt/change in order to improve my chances?

5. Embrace change

Forge ahead by constantly changing and improving according to the critical feedback information. Even better, anticipate the changes necessary and you will feel you are powered on by the winds of change rather than being buffeted by them.

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