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How to be More Persuasive

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Posted 03 June 2016 by Chris FarmerChris Farmer

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We offer both:
• Bespoke in-house training.
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You may find the following will help with your Persuasive Communication skills training.

How to be more persuasive

Wouldn't it be great if you could persuade everyone to accept your view; if you could persuade everyone that your idea is the best one, and that they should follow your proposal?

Wouldn't THAT be a great world? How could we get to that world; the one where you could persuade everyone to accept you, your ideas and your proposals? Let's make a plan.....

What has to happen before anyone will accept any idea or proposal and act on it?

They have to think that your idea is:

  1. True.
  2. Good.
  3. Do-able (Practical).
  4. And preferably; easy.

If one or more of the above conditions are NOT met, then the idea may be rejected: the objections would be:

  1. I don't believe it.
  2. It is a bad idea.
  3. It wouldn't work.
  4. It's too hard.

You need to get to the point where the other people say to themselves:

  1. That's true.
  2. That's good for me and my family!
  3. That would work.
  4. And it would be quite easy!

How to fulfil those four conditions:

1. How do you make people say to themselves: That's true!

You have two ways to show truth.

  1. Your ideas correspond to the facts.
  2. Logic is on your side.

Point to observable facts that prove your idea is demonstrably true in reality, and you will have a positive effect on the mind of the others and you will tend to prove your point.

Use logical arguments based on observable facts and show that your idea is a logical deduction from facts.

For example, if you said that all the evidence is that alcohol tends to reduce the ability of the brain to think straight, then use logic to show that it would be a bad idea to drive home from the party.

2. How can you make people say to themselves: That's good for me and my family!

If you can show that your idea will lead to pleasurable, beneficial or profitable consequences for the other person, (not you), but for the self-interested benefit of the other, then the other will tend to think the idea is great.

You need to sell the benefits of your idea from the perspective of the other person's self-interest.

You need to keep in mind that 99.9% of the population are self-interested.

They are interested in ideas and people who will make their own lives better, richer and easier.

If you can demonstrate that your plan will make their lives better, (not YOU personally, but THEM personally) then they will think it is a great plan.

If you cannot demonstrate how the idea will make the others life better, they will have no reason to get excited about it.

Make the idea beneficial to the self-interest of the other person and or his family. Then he will be interested.

3. How can you make people say to themselves, "That would work!"

You need to have figured-out how your plan would work, in practice.

Figure out the practical aspects of your idea. How can you make the idea a practical reality? What steps would need to be taken. How much would it cost. What technology would be needed. What skills and knowledge would need to be found?

If you cannot demonstrate how the plan would work in practice, the other will doubt its practicality. You need to do sufficient research to show how it could be done.

You need to think about six things.

  1. What skills are needed?
  2. What knowledge is needed?
  3. What people are needed?
  4. What money is needed?
  5. What technology is needed?
  6. What time is needed?

You need to be able to answer all the above questions before the other will think that the idea is great AND practical.

4. And it would be quite easy!

The last one is an optional extra. You should try to make your idea sound easy to implement.

Since you have done so much work on the previous step, figuring out how the idea is practical, you need to dress-up the plan of action in words that make the thing seem relatively easy to achieve.

  • People will be put off by the thought that a task will be difficult.
  • People are encouraged by the thought that a task will be easy to achieve.

So describe the task in ways that tend to make it sound easy. At least, use the phrase, " will be a lot easier than you think".


To make yourself more persuasive, work on refining the communication of your message so that the other people say to themselves:

  • That's true.
  • It would be great! (For me and my family.)
  • It would work in practice.
  • And actually, it would be quite easy!

Do these four things and you will be able to work wonders.

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