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Essential Time Management Skills

Essential time management skills

Time management is more important now than ever.
Time training can help you to get the most out of every hour.
This is vital because when times are harder, we need to be more effective.
That means continuing to act in a positive way especially when things have turned negative.
Time management training is based upon a number of essential skills and attitudes.

Here they are:

  1. Formulation of a clear goal
  2. Communication of the goal
  3. Organising priorities
  4. Delegating tasks
  5. Staying on the job until it is successful

Let investigate:

1. Formulation of a clear goal

Goal setting is the most important thing. What do you want to achieve today? If you know: then you have an advantage over the person who does not know.
As Jim ROHN said: "Don't just get through the day; Get from the day!"

2. Communication of the goal

Accurate communication will save you time, money and effort.
Inaccurate communication (or failure to communicate) will cost you time, money and effort.

Keep communicating
Keep telling people what you want, need and expect.

Don't assume that they will either:

  • Remember what you said last week
  • Do what they said, last week

You must repeat the message. Or they will forget and not follow through.

You must communicate continually!

Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Most people feel they need help with time management. How can you get more done in the same amount of time? How can you stop other people wasting your time? If you want to know how, then click here to find out more about our time management training course.

3. Organising priorities

You can't do it all, at the same time. You must do some things at the expense of other things.
You must decide what you can afford NOT to do..
You must NOT do those things that do not need to be done
If you do, then you add to costs and you waste valuable time and money.

Be disciplined.

4. Delegating tasks

If you are not going to do it, but it needs to be done: then you must delegate it.
Don't be afraid to delegate.
Get others to do it for you.
Sub contract.
Pass it out.

Organise the work: you don't have to do it: You only have to ensure that it is done.

Delegate more!

5. Stay on the job until it is successful

Don't hop from one task to another.
Get the job finished.
Until it is finished it is not done.
And until it is done, then ALL the time money and effort so far invested is wasted.
Keep focused and ensure that you are a "completer finisher".
Many people can't get going; many others start, but don't finish.
Be a good starter.
And finish whatever you start.

For information on time management training with Corporate Coach Group please follow the link.

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