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Delegation and Time Management Skills

Delegation and time management skills

Management Question:

I know I should delegate; but I don't. Why is that?

There are three common reasons people give for not delegating when they should. All of them are false
Read the following three excuses and ask yourself which ones are yours:

Excuse one:

By the time I have explained it would be quicker to have done it myself.
The truth is you have failed to recognise that although there is an upfront investment required to explain the task there is an ongoing benefit.
This is because the person, from then on, should be able to complete the task with little extra tuition.
In other words: "short term pain will lead to a long term gain".

Excuse two:

If I give the task away he will do it differently to me (and to the degree that it is different is the degree to which it is wrong).
The truth is: that provided you have explained the task properly, any variation in the method to achieve the task may actually represent an improvement.
In other words just because it is different to the way that you would do it, doesn't make it wrong. It may indeed be better!

Excuse three:

If I give people my work, am I not putting myself out of a job?
The truth is: that if you tie yourself to your present task and refuse to delegate, you can never be promoted because you remain the only person who has the knowledge to fulfil your current role.
If you wish to advance in your organisation you must first relinquish your current position via delegation.

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