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Change Management Training Plan

Change is the only universal constant

You can be certain that the current situation will not last.

It will be swept away and replaced by a new situation.

That can be either a source of comfort - or a warning.

The certainty of change as a comfort.
If the current times are difficult for you, then take heart: the pain is NEVER permanent.
I know that because nothing is permanent.
If you keep working and keep improving those things that you can improve, then eventually the wheel of fortune will turn and you will see the sunshine once again.

So take heart and keep going!

The certainty of change can also be a stern warning
Remember too, to take the certainty of change is a warning.

If you have been experiencing big wins; if everything has been going well for you;

  • Do not be complacent
  • Do not get cocky!

Yes. We know that your success was brought on by your personal excellence. But some of it was the caused by the environment. And the environment will change.
You will find yourself in changed circumstances before the end of the year.
It is up to you to pre-empt the changes and make the change your method for even greater gains.

So stay focused on the game.


  1. Change is the only universal constant.
  2. If the current times are difficult for you, then take heart: Pain is NEVER permanent.
  3. Take heart and keep going!
  4. If you have been experiencing big wins; do not get cocky!
  5. The environment will change. So stay focused.

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