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Your Personal Development Programme

Your Personal Development Programme

Your Personal Development Programme

If you learn to improve your personal performance you will improve your chances of greater success in the future.

Here are our recommendations as to how you could improve your performance.

  1. Prioritise your goals.
  2. Prioritise how you spend your time.
  3. To a higher degree than you do currently: Do more prep.
  4. Have more confidence in yourself.

1. Prioritise your goals

You want to do so many things; you are awash with goals. But since you only have a limited amount of time, money and energy, you cannot do all of them at the same time. So you need to prioritise your goals. You need to know, which of all your goals is the most important.

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve, in the next year, and then put them in order of importance. Which is first, most important? Which is second? Which is third? and so on. It is important that you know your hierarchy of goals. Because those people who focus on their goals, tend to achieve them.

People who dabble at one thing, then another, then a third, and try their hand at too many things simultaneously, do none of them very well. Concentrate and focus your attention on the goals that mean the most to you.

2. Prioritise how you spend your time

Now you know what is important to you, you need to allocate your time accordingly.

  • Don't spend major time on minor goals.
  • Don't spend major money on minor things.

Some people spend more money on doughnuts than they do on books. Now, we know that both doughnuts and books are great, but in the last three years, Donny has eaten hundreds of doughnuts, and has read just two books. Becky has read hundreds of books and has eaten only two doughnuts, and Becky Bookworm seems to be doing a lot better than Donny Doughnut.

We recommend that you become more aware of how you are spending your time.

  • Don't allow yourself to waste too much of your precious time.
  • Don't allocate major time to minor things.
  • Do allocate major time to major things.

Job Prioritisation

Prioritisation is the art of putting jobs into the right order. Some people don't correctly prioritise tasks and as a result, they waste their precious time doing trivial things; and they procrastinate on the more important tasks. Consequently, they miss deadlines, or they do a rushed job, and things don't go well for them.

Now, you can use our fantastic Job Prioritisation App to correctly prioritise your work.

3. Do more preparation - To a higher degree than you do currently

Preparation for every important event is one of the best ways of spending your time.

You have some things coming up, in your diary, which are important. You have some time before these events happen. We strongly recommend that you get into the habit of preparing yourself, meticulously, for such events.

There have been times in your past, when you have gone into situations and have not done as well as you could have done, had you been more prepared.

More prep is better than less. Prep all important events. Prep what you will say. Prep how you will get there, and what time you need to leave.

At least a part of your prep is to envisage what might go wrong, and adjust your plan to take that into account, if necessary.

Remember that there is power in doing some negative thinking.

Prepare your future.

4. Have more confidence in yourself

Even though we have just said that you need to sometimes think negative: MOST of the time we suggest that you think positive. And that mostly means, think positive thoughts about yourself.

Many people underestimate their potential. Most people do not access 100% of their potential. They become only a fraction of what they could be.

Some people don't even apply for jobs they could have won. Some people don't express an opinion because they think their opinion is not valid.

It is important to develop a high degree of self-confidence.

I would suggest that you are tactically better off if you tend to slightly overestimate your ability, than if you underestimate your ability.

The suggestion we wish to make is: Assume you can do anything you put your mind to.

Then go out and do the thing you have set your mind to do.

Remember the motto: Who dares, wins.

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In order to improve your performance, you may need to develop your personal and professional skills: meaning: skills of communication, planning, prioritisation, motivation and personal confidence. If you want to learn more, then click here for personal development training.

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