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What Qualities Do I Need to be a Manager?

What qualities do I need to be a manager?

What qualities do I need to be a manager?

If you are a new manager, you may be wondering what additional qualities, skills and knowledge you need in order to become a GOOD manager.

There are many skills you need to develop in order to be a good manager, but all of them fall into only six major sets. The six major sets of good management are:

  1. Setting and achieving goals.
  2. Properly communicating those goals, to all those who need to know.
  3. Formulating practical plans that are capable of achieving the goals.
  4. Handling people who do not follow the plans or whose actions do not help to achieve the goal.
  5. Acting as a positive role model to the others in the team.
  6. Inspiring others in the team to act as a coordinated and cooperative union.

Have a look at this model:

Leadership and Management : What qualities do I need to be a manager?

Each of the above six sets breaks down into subsets and will provide you with a more detailed system of management. If we break up each set into three subsets we can derive this management model.

1. Setting and achieving goals

Make the goal specific

Quantify the goal numerically. Define all your terms. Never allow your goals to be worded in vague terms such as "make more sales". You need to make all statements quantifiable and specific.

Make the goal believable

Don't make your goals unbelievable to yourself. You must be able to see yourself achieving the goal. If you don't really believe you can achieve the goal, you won't work hard enough to achieve it.

Set a deadline

Put a time limit on the goal. If you don't have a deadline, then you will procrastinate. You will wait until the conditions are perfect. But you must not procrastinate. You need to move today, and create the conditions. So put a realistic deadline on your goals.

2. Clearly communicating those goals

Explain what the goal is

You need to explain the goal to all those who are involved in making it happen. Everyone needs to know what the target is.

Explain why the goal is good

You need to convince people that the goal is worthwhile and worth working for. You need to "sell" the concept of the goal.

Communicate the plan

You need to communicate the method by which you will achieve the goal. The plan must be detailed, practical and realistic. (See below).

3. Formulating practical plans

Break the overall task into smaller subset tasks

All big tasks are made up of a series of smaller tasks. The manager needs to be able to analyse tasks into smaller sets.

Put the tasks into logical order

Once the tasks are analysed the manager needs to figure out the best logical order. What is the proper sequence?

Allocate the right people to each task

When the sequence is arranged, the manager allocates resources accordingly. So the manager must be able to properly delegate.

4. Handling people whose actions do not help

Don't let things go on too long

If something is wrong, fix it quickly. Don't let poor performance issues go unchallenged for long.

Keep the conversation logical not emotional

When you challenge the poor performer, do it in a relaxed, professional and assertive manner. Do NOT emotionalise the issue. Keep the conversation rational, not emotional.

Distinguish between reasons and excuses

Ask the person to make the changes from the poor action to the correct action and listen to their response. Decide if their response is reasonable or not. If their response is reasonable then give concessions. If the response is not reasonable, then don't give concessions.

5. Acting as a positive role model to the others

Keep yourself in balance

Managers have to contend with a lot of pressure, and it is easy for them to get out of balance. They can become jaded, tired, and sometimes pessimistic. But remember that, under all conditions you must maintain your emotional balance. Eat well. Sleep well. Keep your mind straight.

Work on your own performance

Your own performance sets the standard for the rest of the team. So if you want to get the best from the team, you need to hold yourself together. Improve your language. Improve your goal focus. Improve your planning. Improve your own actions. Work on yourself harder than you do on the others.

Keep your mental approach positive

Above all keep your mind positive. Don't dwell too long on fear thoughts. Don't dwell too long on thoughts of anger. Think about today and how you can improve upon today's standards.

6. Inspiring others in the team to act as a coordinated and cooperative union

Talk to people about the goal

To keep the people on track, keep talking to them about the elements of this model. Keep talking to others about the goal, and the reasons for it.

Talk to people about the plans

To keep the people on track, keep talking to them about the plan; who will do what with whom, by when, and how?

Talk about the future as if it were certain and positive

Talk as if the future were already set, and as if you know it to be a positive. Instil a sense of certainty that the future will be bright.

This is the art of leadership in management.

A more detailed model of Management skills:

Leadership and Management : What qualities do I need to be a manager?

Summary: What qualities do you need to be a good manager?

1. Be clear on the goal.

2. Be clear in your communication.

3. Be practical in your planning.

4. Be rational in your approach to performance issues.

5. Be positive in your own mind.

6. Condition the minds of others to be more positive.

Then you will be a good manager.

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