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Time Management Skill

Time management skill

Time management skill: Finding the high value task

Here is a time management question for you: What is "A high value task?"

Whenever we are trying to improve our time management we must answer this question.
What is the most valuable use of my time?

What is the most valuable use of my time?

Notice the key word in that sentence is VALUABLE.
The word "valuable" is a subjective, not an objective word.
What we mean by that is: it is not self-evident.
"Valuable use of time" is a personal judgement.

One person might say A and the other would say "You are wrong it is B"

"Valuable" is a judgement word

And is therefore difficult to pin an exact meaning to it.

Let us ponder this more deeply.....

Imagine you were to approach a world famous scientist and you asked her, "Are elephants big? "

The scientist would not answer you, would she?

She would ask you a question in return.
She would ask "Against what frame of reference?"

You say "What do you mean?"
She would say" I cannot answer your question until I know what your frame of reference is.

Are elephants big when compared to:

  • A planet
  • Another elephant of the same type and age
  • An ant

My answer to the question would differ depending on the frame of reference you give."

In a similar way, can you see that the question "Is this a valuable use of time, yes or no" is also subjective?

The scientist would ask: "Valuable? - By what frame of reference?

What is the frame of reference that allows you to determine the valuable from the NON valuable?

The answer is YOUR GOALS

A goal is defined as "the desired state" or "what it is that you want to achieve".

This time period is unique in the history of mankind because, in our culture, you do not have to spend your time worrying over where you will find your:

  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Food

Clean water, shelter and food are no problem for you.

That gives you the time to set other goals o What house would you like to own?

  • What income would you like to earn?
  • What country would you like to visit?
  • What instrument would you like to learn to play?

Whatever goals you have set for yourself determines what tasks are valuable.

A task is valuable only to the degree to which it moves you towards your goal.

If a task does not move you towards the goal it is not valuable - not important.

So, get into the habit of checking every task by asking and answering this question:

What has this to do with my goals?

If watching the next episode of CSI Miami is not helping you achieve your goals don't waste your time!

If reading a book on personal finance will help you achieve your goals:

Read it!

Socrates was a great philosopher.

Socrates was one of the ancient philosophers whom we often hear quoted.

We still hear his name for he is considered wise.

One sunny day in ancient Greece, Socrates was stopped by a fellow Athenian and asked "Socrates. How might I find my way to the temple?"

Socrates answered "Ensure sure that every step you take is in the direction of the temple and that none, lead you from it"

In other words prioritise your activities so that you concentrate only on those things that you can see are directly connected to your goal.

Don't waste your time on anything else.

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