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Positive Mental Attitude and Inspiring Others

Positive mental attitude and inspiring others

How to inspire other people

Are you aware of how much your mental attitude affects the results you experience?

Your attitude is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about any issue. And because it is your thoughts that control your actions, you become whatever you think about.

Your feelings and thoughts control your actions: your actions drive your results. So your consistent thoughts tend to manifest themselves in your experience: your thoughts become, to a certain degree, a self-fulfilling prophecy. You become whatever you think about.

In any situation you have the power to control only one thing, the content of your mind.

  • If you believe you cannot win, you are lowering your chances of winning,
  • If you believe you can win, you are increasing your chances of winning.

This simple principle is one of the most difficult skills to master and it is a lifelong task.

Control your mind and you will control everything else: your feelings, your communication and your actions.

You may already know the importance of attitude, but that is not the same as being able to direct your attitude towards the positive.
Knowing that you should think positively does not tell you how to think positively.

In order to think positively, follow the following steps:

  • Think about the best possible future,
  • Don't think too much about the past.
  • Use your imagination to create images in your mind of the best possible future, such thinking causes a feeling of confidence.
  • Refuse to use your imagination to create images of bad possible futures, such thinking causes feelings of fear and anxiousness.
  • Become more aware of your mental state.

What are you thinking about?

Concentrating on thoughts about "The bad- past" will make you angry.
Concentrating on thoughts about "The good- past" will make you nostalgic for the good old days.
Concentrating on thoughts about "The bad- future" will make you anxious and fearful.
Concentrating on thoughts about "The good- future" will make you feel positive, confident and motivated.

Many people allow their internal emotional state to be too dependent on outside circumstances.
It is important to take the initiative and not allow your attitude to be decided for you, by outside circumstances.
In order to feel strong, some people need others to praise them, the sun needs to shine, and their plans need to work out as expected.
These people are in trouble, emotionally, whenever others are mean, the sun disappears, or their plans do not work out.

If you recognise the importance of being in conscious control of your own emotional state then you have an advantage.

We call this skill, mental stress management.

Gaining control over yourself is the hardest thing you will ever tackle. The job is never finished.

Self-control and self-discipline do not sound like fun, but they are the keys to getting everything you want to achieve, the quality of life and material success that you deserve.

Refuse to start any sentence with the words, " "YOU make ME feel......" or the words " It MAKES ME FEEL...."
Recognise the fact that the only person or thing that can cause your emotional state is your YOUR own brain.
Your brain (and the thoughts it has) are the cause of all your emotions.

You are the one person in charge of your brain.

Claim total control and claim responsibility for its products.
There are certain people or situations that unsettle or unnerve you.
The reasons that you give, may be any one, or combination of the following.

  1. The person has a higher status and the person's status is unnerving.
  2. The other person may be rude or overbearing and that unnerves you.
  3. The situation may be new to you or require that you speak in front of many people.

Whatever the reason you claim, there is a more profound one:

You are causing yourself to feel unsettled by thinking dis-empowering thoughts.
Remember that at all times your feelings are governed, not by circumstances, but by thoughts.

There are some people who unnerve you.

This can be to your detriment because the upset you feel affects your performance.
Your remedy is to work on your own mind-set when in the company of the people in question.
Recognise it is not the other person who is unnerving you; it is the thoughts you allow into your mind when you are in their company.
Manage your mind and realise that nobody can make you feel bad without your co-operation.
Realise that you are the sovereign of your own mind and choose to think strong thoughts.
Eliminate destructive self-talk such as " I can't..." "What if it all goes wrong?"

Replace it with "I can if I decide to" and "What do I need to focus on to make this work?"

Self confidence

You believe that you would benefit if you had more self-confidence.

Self-confidence comes from two sources:

  1. Your level of specialised knowledge
  2. Your own "self-image"

So you can gain confidence by improving your knowledge of the situation, and/or improving your self-image.

To gain confidence, commit to learning more specialised knowledge relating directly to your profession. Then your lack of confidence can never be because you do not "know your stuff".

But it may be you are well educated but still lack confidence, consider the following points:

Stop telling yourself "I can't" and start asking the question "How can I?" Or "Who can help me to learn how to...?"

Do not compare yourself against the impossible standard of perfection.

Many people who lack confidence, feel insecure because they are comparing themselves against the standard of perfection: which means they can never measure up: which means they feel less than worthy. Compare yourself to a human (not a God-like) standard against which to measure yourself.

Practice, practice, and practice
Confidence comes from experience and experience comes from practice.
Do not let the lack of confidence deter you from throwing yourself into the practice of a skill.
You cannot get the confidence by waiting.

Practice more!

And your confidence will improve in a strict correlation with your improved competence.

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