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Management Training Needs Analysis

Management training needs analysis

All effective leader-managers display six key virtues.

Check against these questions and give a score out of ten:

1. Do all your leader-managers have a "clear vision" for the next six months and beyond? (10) Or is there an element of "drifting"? (1)

2. To what degree is the communication in your organisation "clear and accurate"? (10) Or does a lack of clear communication cause frustration and problems that can slow things down? (1)

3. To what degree do your leader-managers plan ahead? Do they have written plans of action? (10) Or are they more often driven by events, on the back foot, reacting to crises situations? (1)

4. Do emotional upsets, character clashes or "big egos" sometimes interfere with productivity? (1) Or are conflict situations managed rationally and without fuss? (10)

5. Are your leader-managers able to manage their emotions and present themselves positively (goal focused, enthusiastic and confident)? (10) Or is their mood up and down, dependent upon external events? (1)

6. To what degree are your leader-managers able to inspire positive feelings and confidence in others? (10) Or are some of them un-inspiring or even cynical? (1) Add up the scores and mark your leader-managers out of a possible sixty. Follow this link if you would like to take a FREE Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

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