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Improve the Management Team

The management team

What is a manager for?

Your managers are there to achieve one goal:

To improve productivity.

They do that by adding value to your organisation in three ways:

  1. Managers are the members of your team who are primarily responsible for the creation and communication of clear goals
  2. Then, they should have the ability to build intelligent plans that will achieve the goal in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.
  3. Then, they should have the ability to inspire action and create a positive atmosphere in the others.

The managers can try to improve their skills by means of the following three methods

  1. Learning by making mistakes- trial and error- not recommended.
  2. Learning from existing managers in the business- not recommended - because you run the risk of becoming stagnant
  3. Learning by training- highly recommended.

Learning by training- is highly recommended because:

It is possible to learn "the universal principles of good management" from courses designed especially for that purpose.

What skills go to make up the "the universal principles of good management and how can we apply them?

There are six universal principles - key skills that must be highly developed.

They are as follows:

  1. The setting of clear and realistic- optimistic goals
  2. The communication of a clear and inspirational message
  3. The ability to organise, plan and priorities work task to become the most efficient possible.
  4. The ability to handle conflict situations and difficult people
  5. The ability to self motivate and build self confidence and initiative
  6. The ability to build positive emotions and attitudes in other people

Why these particular skills?

These skills are the most important because the development of these skills will create the greatest return on your investment.
Failure to develop any one of these skills is enough to destroy your chances of success.

What can you do now?

Make the following three decisions

  1. Which managers need training?
  2. When can they attend the courses necessary to improve their skills
  3. Send them on the next available course

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